Tuesday, February 1, 2011

fit is fin!

Happy February, everyone! January just flew by. Sorry for the slow updates last month. I think there was a week that I didn't post at all. As soon as all my applications and tests are over, I'll bounce back on track with posts for sure. My FIT portfolio has been turned in, so I will post some designs or things I sewed in the next few days.

Sweater from Salvation Army, Scarf from Taiwan, pin from Harajuku Hearts store in San Francisco, skirt from J Daheck, Floral Docs.

I like to wear pins and brooches with everything. The thing is, I have a number of black ones that I'd like to wear, but I always end up wearing black, and black on black doesn't show.

I received a package today in the mail. It's been a while since my last online order! Getting things in the mail is so exciting.
Hahah more florals, indeed. Can't get enough of them. It's totally gorgeous, but the elastic isn't very stretchy and the minimum waist size is pretty darn small. Being a lover of comfortable and oversized clothing, I can't imagine I'll be wearing this all too often.

Also received one of those "sorry we missed you!" notes from the mailman. I can't imagine what I could have missed, since I don't recall buying anything as of lately. Interesting. I guess I'll just have to see.

Love, Kai


Cherry said...

I love this skirt<3!

Savannah Burton said...

I love the skirt you are wearing!!! And the skirt you bought! When you make clothes can you put them up for sale so I can buy? I really like all your designs.

crimson said...

I firmly believe that you can never have too many florals in your life ;) And that's a lovely skirt!

Kaiami said...

Savannah: As soon as I'm skilled enough, probably! Thanks!

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