Saturday, January 29, 2011

hard at work.

These past few weeks have been dedicated mostly to my FIT portfolio. I guess I've posted bits and pieces of my work, but since it hasn't been much, I'm making this post to showcase a few of my favorites.

Yesterday wasn't the best day. I caught a stomach bug early in the day and rested for three class periods. Then after school, I went to look for fabrics to cut into swatches. I chose out $30 worth of fabric in 0.5 yard increments. But at the cutting counter, and the computers and price scanners were out of order so the lady at the counter had to hand-write all of the fabrics and prices. She did her math wrong while calculating prices and it made it really difficult to make the purchase at the counter. Also, I was supposed to call my mom after I was done shopping, but I accidentally grabbed my iPod instead of my cell phone, and couldn't make the call, and ended up waiting for her to realize I couldn't get home.

The ones I like are mostly the later ones; it took me a while to start getting the hang of it. At first, I was planning on not drawing faces, but after coloring everything in, I thought no faces looked weird, so I drew them in afterwards. Bad move. I'll have to photoshop those faces out.
I think this one was the last one I finished. Tiered dress and bubble vest with a floral print hood.

Here's one that I didn't like very much originally. I had designed it to be a white deconstructed sleeveless dress, but then I found some mesh in my room, and decided to make it black instead.

For this one, I wanted to use nylon for the fabric. But I couldn't afford to get the nylon at the fabric store, and opted for cotton instead. Boring. But half the price. Features a zip up galaxy print hood and fastenable cowl neck.

Right now, I'm working on the sewing portion. I started sewing in 6th grade, but haven't improved at all since then. I busted out my sewing machine for the first time in years this week. Fabric is expensive, especially nice materials. So I used the cloth from old pieces of clothing to sew. I sewed a pair of pants out of an old oversized skirt.
Droopy butt pants yayy. My favorite.
Depending on what else I come up with, I might show more designs and pieces in later posts.

Today I went to Barnes and Nobles to use my coupon. Magazines are never included in sales, though I wish they would be. Some magazines are much more expensive than books are. I wanted to buy the Spring/Summer 2011 runway report, but the issues were all bent up and cost $40, which is more than is in my pocket. I opted out for Vogue Italia, which included a Fashion Show report.
I regret getting it, a bit. This report left out several designers that I wanted to see, including Alexander Wang and Tao Kurihara. Just a bit disappointing, for $17.

Since I couldn't use a coupon on the magazine, I got THIS.
It's Colors for Modern Fashion by Nancy Riegelman. I wanted to get 9 Heads some time ago, but hadn't had any luck with finding a copy, so I decided on getting the second best option. The coupon was 50% off, so this became $34.40. It would have helped if I had a guide before I started my designs.

Back to work.

Love, Kai


tifflia said...

Still hard at work~ Good luck...esp. with these last few days. :D The clouds will part and the almighty Allah will shine down pure happiness, I swear. xD

I think the second design in this post is my favorite. Maybe I like tulle-like fabrics? Or maybe I just like the coloring? ; A ;

I think your first three (the one from the previous posts and the first two of this one) have a cohesiveness, I thought that was cool. Like, REALLY cool. xD I like the galaxy hood in your last one though.

UCLA and UCB just sent me some more stuff to I'll do it tmrw. It had better be worth it. :/

Sweetdie said...

woooow the drawings are amazing!i whise i'd have your imagination.They are very creative and fashion.
The trousers seems so confortable

- said...

wow your drawings are amazing and the outfits are so cool! I love love love the jacket in the last picture *-* absolutely amazing! I wish I could draw at least half as good as you ... -.-
Good luck with the project!

Savannah Burton said...

Wow! I should pay you to make me something! Those pants are super cool and I can tell you are going to be a famous fashion designer one day! Do you have an etsy?

jeinee said...

Your designs look really awesome! I love the second one and the jacket in the last one.

Anonymous said...

nice drawings and designs!
i wish i could draw like you and create some awesome designs!
keep posting please! :D

Kaiami said...

Tiffany: Thank you! Supplemental work? Is it scholarship related work? Good luck with everything and let's get into college whoo!

Sweetdie, Asuka, Jeinee: Thank you! I wish I could be able to make the things I draw.

Savannah: I wish I were that good! I have the basics, but my construction and details of things are still kind of iffy. I made an etsy years ago, but I haven't sold anything yet! Someday, maybe.

Anon: I'm really glad you like them! I'll work hard to make designs, and post them when I'm done.

tifflia said...

Yupp, supplements. But it's mostly stuff concerning what I mentioned in my essays...Scholarship stuff is a whole 'nother matter, I'm still working on those! Every single time I cut it so close to missing the financial aid deadlines. Like yesterday. xD If the schools would quit sending me things to fill out, I could actually get something done (like rest).

But once we're all in college [somewhere] I'm going to throw a sit-at-home-and-sit-there-happily-doing-nothing party. hahha ;)

Angel said...

omg your art style so reminds me of my online friends I used to chit chat with on DA (lol I don't draw anymore though, hate it). Really gorgeous designs! Going to follow you!

Anonymous said...

late comment, but wow! your designs are the things dreams are made of. i want to wear them all now!

and on a side note, yes, droopy butt pants are the best. brilliant reworking of a skirt.

good luck with the FIT portfolio!

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