Saturday, January 1, 2011

simply smashing: a cinderella (photo)story.

About a week or two ago, I had the idea to make a shoe. Not a wearable shoe. One made of smashed glass. And that I did.

I went to Goodwill and got $10 worth of glass to break. I've never broken glass (on purpose, at least), so I was a bit wary. I decided to put on gloves, take it all to the backyard, and smash it all in ziplock bags with a hammer. Glass is hard to photograph.

I'm pretty sure I scared the neighbors. I mean, I would be pretty scared if I heard continuous glass smashing near my home.

After getting all my glass pieces, I started putting them together with hot glue. It's all kind of just random pieces, and what I get depended on my luck when smashing it.

When I started, I wasn't sure if it was going to work out or not. But it started to take the look of a shoe after a little while.
I hadn't been planning to make it able to stand on its own, but the large bottom pieces from the vase allowed it to.

This shoe does not photograph well. Glass doesn't photo well to start with, and if I add flash, all of the gross opaque glue parts are really apparent. I wish hot glue would be clear and pretty.

I had my brother Sorestian photograph it for me. We did an at-home photoshoot while I held up poster boards for the background. I took a few of my favorites for my blog here.

Which picture do you like best?

And here's some meaning behind the shoe. High heeled shoes are beautiful, but wearing them exposes the wearer to harm because it puts the foot in an unnatural position. This parallels to the beauty of glass, and how stepping in it is harmful. You know, I wish I were better with words.

I still like high heels, by the way.

I hope you guys enjoyed this crafts post, and Happy New Year! School is starting again soon.

Love, Kai


Marlena said...

Why must you be so freakin' amazing Kai?!
I absolutely love the whole idea behind this! <3 The pictures came out wonderfully too!

Anonymous said...

Interesting concept. I am stuck between the first and second photos. I like the colors in the first but can really see the shoe in the second red one.

jeinee said...

wow, this is pretty amazing! I like both the second and third photos, but I think the third is my favorite because it gives it a really nice "icey" feel.

Emiko said...

Wow that's so creative of you! :D It looks really cool and well made for that matter too!
I think I like the first picture the most because of its natural colors :)

~Belated christmas and new years greetings to you~


Teresa said...

What a great idea! Your project turned out beautiful! I like the second one best because you can see the full shape and the red is nice and mysterious.


Sophia Alexandra said...

wow thats really cool!

Cindii said...

Wow, that looks so cool!! :O

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