Monday, January 17, 2011

did someone say free money?

I bought a scarf last month from H&M, and the cashier threw in a $5 gift card to use for the new year.
I'm all too familiar with this sales trick. Give a promotion > lure customers to visit even though they don't really need to > get them to spend more money. It really does work. I'll admit, I wouldn't have gone shopping if H&M didn't give me this card.

There were some pretty good things in the store when I visited. There's a new activewear collection that I'm really digging. I took a couple pictures on my camera phone. The pieces are all dusty pink/ black, a color combination I really like. I'm getting into activewear.

There was a coat that I sort of wanted, but even in the small, I felt sort of like I was drowning in it, so back on the shelf it went. Shame, because it was originally about $100 and marked down to $20, plus my card would have made it $15.

Anyway, I bought pants. I couldn't decide on which pair so I got two. They're both way too big on me. Safety pins to the rescue.
These were the pants that were in the window of the San Francisco store two months ago. The same ones that I passed off because they were $35 and over my price range. Haahhg. I got this pair on sale for five bucks. Seriously.

Here's the other pair I got
Ditzy floral print mmm. They look like PJ pants if I wear them long. This is another pair that I saw in the store and passed on before. This one was marked down to $15 from $35. Which isn't as amazing as $5, but hey. Not bad.

Also grabbed a bag of brooches. I should have picked a bag out more carefully.
I don't know why the cameo brooch is upside down. The key brooch is defected and doesn't close. I chose this bag because the bow is tied nicely.

Totaled up to be $20. I was planning on $10 at most. Spent more money than planned. H&M marketing win this one.

Love, Kai


Yumeko said...

ahh that is such a promo trick i fall for too
and it sits in my wallet and eats at me if i dont use it hahaha i know weird right?

the pants are so printed, i dont know if i could wear them XD

Anonymous said...

You can really pull off the slouchy pant look (burning with jealousy)!

Savannah Burton said...

I love the first pair of pants! That tricky cashier!

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