Tuesday, January 18, 2011

turn it up.

Fun fact, I really dislike loud music. Not necessarily loud as in like screamo, but loud as in blasting out the speakers. Another fun fact. That's probably why I don't like dances. I've been to one dance in my whole high school career, and that was the Yearbook dance, because I'm in yearbook crew.

Jacket from Puma, Fanny Pak T-shirt from Kenya Dance sales booth, H&M pants, Ecko sneakers, Skullcandy headphones.

Skullcandies look pretty cool, but they're not very comfortable. I keep twitching while I wear them, which explains why I haven't worn them since I bought them. Here's an awkward closeup. Sometimes I wonder why I smile like this.
I think I bought the red ones because they were on sale. And also my iPod is red. I wanted the black and gold ones though.

It's only 6, but I think I'll try to go to sleep now. I stayed up for hours last night working on Japanese homework, only to find out today that the substitute who passed out the packets gave us the wrong ones. Which is why I didn't understand any of it. Sometimes I regret being such a hard worker.

Knocked out.
Peace, Kai


- said...

I really love your style, seriously! You seem to pull off everything amazingly great *-*
Hope you got a huge load of sleep =)

Kaiami said...

Aw thank you, Asuka! I did indeed. I got a little over 12 hours of sleep last night.

Brittany said...

Your haircut is so cute, I love your bangs (i'm actually thinking of cutting some like that....) and those Skullcandies do look pretty cool!

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