Friday, January 28, 2011

vivaglam gaga is back.

Another thing for me to look forward to next month! The first thing I'm looking forward to is finishing the last of my college apps.

The first Vivaglam Gaga lipstick for MAC was released about a year ago alongside Vivaglam Cyndi. I'd never bought a lipstick before, and the light pink isn't quite the type of color I would wear. Nude colored lipstick is the only color I'm willing to use.
But you know. If it's Gaga lipstick, I had to get it. Here's a picture I took of the first Vivaglam Gaga from last February.

Vivaglam Gaga II will be released in the US on February 17th. I'm particularly excited to buy it this time around because Vivaglam Gaga II will be a nude color!
I'll be running off to the mall just for this next month, no doubt. Information courtesy of Temptalia.

Love, Kai


Iris said...

Looks cute!

Savannah Burton said...

I really want light pink lipstick! Do they still sell it?

Kaiami said...

Savannah: I haven't gone to MAC in a while, but I heard that the pink one is sold out in a lot of places. You can check the stores (I think they're sold out online), but they're out of the stores officially in early/mid February.

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