Thursday, January 6, 2011

hear me roar.

The sun sets so early now, it makes it hard to get pictures. Since it's dark when I leave the house, and dark when I arrive back home. Here's one from a couple days ago. Freaking. Love. This. Tank.
tank top from Seibei, Jacket from Puma, pants from Taiwan, Buster Brown boots.

BAM! Dinosaur.
It's pretty big. I guess that's what I get for grabbing the L from the bargain bin. But it's all cool, as long as I have a shirt underneath.

Dinosaurs are one of my favorite animals. Dinosaurs and birds, I think. Really, I like all animals. But birds and dinosaurs in particular. I think I was also pretty well known for liking pandas.

Here's a thank you to Thrift Town, who featured me on their blog (how did you guys find me? It's like magic)! Thrift Town is a really great thrift shop. As much as I love Goodwill, their prices are high on the rise. At Thrift Town, I can find some really great deals thrift store. They have a different sale every day! The American Eagle cardigan I wore one post down was only $0.99, even without a sale! Since I don't live nearly close enough to visit regularly, going to Thrift Town is an occasional treat.

I was nominated into the Senior Hall of Fame this year (or um. yesterday, I guess). I think this comes at a surprise, because I really am the type of shy girl who is too scared to look for a partner in group activities. I didn't think anyone knew me. It will be the first time I'm in the yearbook besides mugshots (and pictures my mom took for the elementary school yearbooks, but those don't count)! Thank you, class of 2011!

Can't wait to graduate.

Love, Kai


- said...

that tank is adoreable *-* your outfit looks so great, cool and sweet at the same time =)

DearKarYan said...

Adorable top, I love the dino, it's so cute! :3
&Congrats for being nominated into the Senior Hall of Fame <3

Unknown said...

that is super cute coord! I love your jacket best <3

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