Sunday, January 16, 2011

if I were a boy.

Yesterday, I attended National Portfolio Day in San Francisco. I had been planning on going to sleep early so I could look plenty awake in front of the college representatives. But I couldn't find glue, and spent the whole night looking for it. And went to sleep at 5am, and woke up at 7am. So sleep deprived.

There's a loose hair in my peripheral view and I keep thinking it's a spider. I've lost count how many times I turned already. I can't find which strand of hair it is.

I picked up the February issue of KERA magazine, featuring Neeko and Takeru on the cover.

Though I try to get an issue every month, I've missed a ton of issues from last year just because I couldn't dish out the money.

I loved the makeup section in this issue. "Boy makeup." Boystyle Midori! Midori is the cutest person in the world. She's my idol. It'd be my dream job to be a KERA model.
Here's another spread with Yura(left) and Re:NO(right). I thought Yura was Akira in the picture.
And here's one with Runa-Luna.

I see a trend. Boystyle makeup = wig + nude lipstick + black eyeliner and BAM. I sort of tried to do it. I can't apply eyeliner for my life.

This hair length is really difficult to manage.

Love, Kai


Unknown said...

Both of these pictures of you are REALLY cute!!!
I didn't know you got these from a magazine, but you look very model status :]

Savannah Burton said...

I love your blog! Have a ever commented? One of my favorites! You are so cute! And I love your sweater!!!!!

Kaiami said...

Aww Biffle! <3

Thanks, Savannah! This one's my favorite sweater. Can't stop wearing it.

Iris said...

Yepp! I think too, you look really model<3! Very, very cute; )!

tifflia said...

:o you were at npd? How did it go?

I actually like liquid liner (I have one from Korea), and terribly hate pencil liner (unless they're moist enough)...yuuupp

Kaiami said...

There were so many people at National Portfolio Day. I talked to representatives from different schools, and all of them talk from opinion, so the critique I received were all contradictory.

I like liquid liner, but I really can't apply it qq It goes on my eyelashes.

tifflia said...

=_= Well that must've been REAL helpful. xD hahaha...good luck finishing up your college apps! Hopefully npd had some useful input somewhere for you. 8D

hmmm perhaps mine is thinner then, though it goes on a little thin as well. Kinda grey if I go too quickly. It's super easy to screw up though...all of a sudden a weird squiggle appears out of nowhere and you gotta start over. >>;

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