Monday, January 24, 2011

just your average garden gnome speciman.

Wearing a hood makes me feel like a garden gnome. I've never in my life seen a garden gnome before, not including ones from cartoon television shows from my childhood.

It has been particularly sunny these past few days. Or week. And so I opted for outdoor pictures today. Picture quality is so much better outside compared to inside.
I wanted to wear that military jacket I have, but it's a bit too small to wear with my sweater. If there's anything I learned from having a swacket, it would be that snaps are extremely useful. I noticed several snaps on the jacket and put them together to make it a slingy cape thing.

Sechuna cat sweater dress from Savers, Military jacket received as a gift, hooded T-shirt from Miramar in Taiwan, grey HUE ribbed sweater tights, Victorian Flowers Doc Martens from

It's been kind of a really long while since I've worn these tights. Sweater tights are nice for the winter, but way too warm for any other season.

I'm five hours short on sleep from staying up to work on my FIT portfolio. Somehow, I spend more hours deciding on what color to make things rather than actually drawing or coloring.

Love, Kai


Randi said...

adorable sweater and i love the boots! hehe so cute <3

Amber said...

I adore the doc martens! I'm so jealous.

Love the sweater, too!

Savannah Burton said...

HOLY CRAP CATS! I am a cat fanatic and own a plethora of cat related objects. My favorite probably being my carpet grandma cat vest :-)

Kaiami said...

Savannah: I used to get a whole ton of cat related things too! I realized after a while that I don't have room for any more random items, so I haven't gotten anything new in a while. Cat vest sounds like some kind of awesome.

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