Wednesday, January 12, 2011

cold stone wont give me my free ice cream.

How disappointing. I went to Cold Stone to use the free ice cream offer they sent me, and the lady there wouldn't give me ice cream without her boss' permission and sent me home. And I was looking forward to it too. I'm just getting over it. Went back home and binged on Trader Joe's ice cream. Trader Joe's mint tastes pretty bad.

I wore my sweater with all the holes today. It's hard to find a day that I can wear it because it's been cold outside. Today was fairly sunny.

sweater from Salvation Army, Sex Pot Revenge necklace from CDJapan, Docs from

I really like this sweater. The kind of dark colored, comfy oversized stuff I have more than enough of. Holy sweater!
All the holes makes it feel like I'm wearing a sleeveless top. That's what layering is for, yeah.

New polish! I don't usually like to wear shiny colors because I keep picking at it and it's hard to remove even with nail polish remover. But I saw a friend wearing a similar polish and had to try it out when I saw it in the store.
It's Sally Hansen in 'Strobe Light'. Kind of a pinkish glitter. It looks nice as a topper above another color.

Love, Kai


クリス said...

I'd be upset if I couldn't get my free ice cream D:

But awesome! I too picked up a polish that's more of a glittery topper. Maybe I'm in the sparkling kind of mood XD

- said...

your nails are beautiful =)
and your sweater is so cute *-* really sweet!

Savannah Burton said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! (Sorry about that) I love this sweater as well, where did you get it? I love the nail polish as well! Can you feel that love tonight? I have followed! Please check out my blog and perhaps follow? Yay!

Just Another Londoner said...

Mmmm I had Coldstone once when I was in America. Definite highlight of my life.
I now regret having thrown awawy all my tacky pink glitter nail polish from when I was 6. You make it look kind of awesome.

Unknown said...

love your boots

Kaila said...

so stylish!! TOO MUCH!! hahaha! you rock like a rocking horse! <3,Kaila

Purrincup said...

How lame of Coldstone. D:

Cute nailpolish~ I love sparkly stuff.

brightlightsbigcity said...

love the outfit! i'm so envious you can manage to maintain such long nails!

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