Sunday, January 23, 2011

prices on the rise.

I thought it was Saturday, but then realized that I'm internally a day behind. Man, that's a terrible feeling. I wish it were Summer break. I've been sick these past few days, and have been dressing in pajamas and lazy clothes every day.
I was coloring my design yesterday when my grey ran out of ink. I went to the store to buy a new one, but they didn't have the same shade of grey that I used to I had to buy a different one. Bummer. Considering I already started coloring. A new marker costs $6.50.

And then on top of that, I ran out pages in my sketchbook so I bought a new one.
I still have the sticker price on my old one, so it had me facepalming when I saw the price difference. Here's my old one.
Here's my new one.

Result of the dollar-yen ratio.

And then on top-top of that, my pencil pouch spilled at school, and somehow the only item that's missing is my favorite expensive pencil. What?! That one was $12 while the rest were only a buck or two. That's bad luck for me. I don't think I can afford to get a new one anytime soon. Maybe I'll stop buying expensive pencils because I've already had at least five of them lost or stolen.

I really need to finish this portfolio in time. Extension, please.

Love, Kai


Kelsey said...

Ah! I have a question~ What type of markers do you color with? My sister wants to start coloring some of her pictures, but she doesn't know much about brands and such >3>

The pictures you draw are so gorgeous *3* I'm sorry you've been sick! I'm pretty lucky so I don't ever get sick! Knock on wood >>;;

Marlena said...

That drawing is beautiful!
I hope you get everything done on time!

I've been really sick too. It's not fun at all T_T I hope you get well soon!~<3

Kaiami said...

Thanks, guys! Being sick really isn't any fun. Get well soon too, Marlena!

Kelsey, I use both Copic markers and Prismacolor markers. They're both kind of pricey, but Prismacolors are a bit cheaper. I got the prismacolor set of 72 for around $130. They're not bad, but I felt that the colors were too limited (definitely not enough light colors), and invested in Copics. I bought a 72 color set for $250, and they run for about $100 more of the same set now. But Copic sketch and Copic ciao both come with a brush nib, which makes it easier for me to color/blend. Copic Original doesn't have that. Bottom line, Copics tend to be pretty expensive, but it's a good investment if she's planning for long term use!

YanaDom said...

Oooh, I love these sketches! :))

YanaDom said...

I want to draw as cool as you. Teach me :D

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