Tuesday, February 8, 2011

note to self: don't eat infected sandwiches.

Darn. Sick again. Last time, I was sick because my friend had a cold and was coughing in my general direction while I was eating my sandwich. But being hungry and incautious, I ate it anyway, and caught her cold. I should have learned from my lesson. Yet. You know the rest.

Today was sixty something degrees. If it weren't for the wind, it would have been considered a pretty warm day. I was pretty much cold all day. Mostly because I was wearing sleeveless tops and my swacket isn't exactly the warmest thing in the world.

Grey tank from Juicy Couture, black tank from thrift shop, Harputs Own swacket from Harputs Union, pants from Taiwan, Floral Doc Martens.

I guess I never wrote about it, but I've made several trips to the thrift store this month and last month. I always find something I like, but somehow, I didn't find anything I wanted 3 out of the 4 times. On my last trip to Goodwill, I did find this cardigan.
The tag reads "Knitted and Knotted," so I'm guessing it's from Anthropologie. Once spring is here, I'll be able to wear it.

I also got myself a tee shirt with a cute little patch on it.
I have more than enough tees, but I cut a square in my other grey shirt because I needed a swatch for my FIT portfolio. This one's just replacement.
D'aww cute. It's kind of hard to see in this picture. It's a stick girl in a pocket. Too bad it's not a real pocket. At least it's not like fake pockets on girl jeans.

Summer break, I'm waiting for you.

Love, Kai


Anonymous said...

You always seem to find the best things thrifting. I love both of these tops.
I hope you feel better soon!

Kaiami said...

Thanks a ton, Care! I appreciate it, and hope so too. Stuffy noses makes it hard to breathe.

Asuka said...

Get well soon!
Love the cardigan and your first picture! It's so beautiful!

Savannah Burton said...

I love the swacket and the t h shirt is super cute!

Giraffison said...

haha! you inspire me to go thrifting <3

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