Friday, February 25, 2011

too bad this isn't london. or japan.

I'm back from my trip! For the past few days, I was down in Los Angeles and the OC for school tours. I can't say the school tours were all that fun, but roaming the cities was pretty fun. I wanted to blog on the trip, but I didn't have a computer with me, aside from the Macs in the hotel lobby, which costs $5 for every fifteen minutes.

The airport was somewhat recently remodeled and looks really nice now.
My dad likes to get to places early, so we spent an hour or two sitting around. My brother and I went and took pictures in front of things. In front of Britt.
In front of Life is Good. I can't smile that wide. It's a disability.

On the first day in LA, we went to Little Tokyo. Lots of walking. I didn't think it would be cold, but it was a bit windy and chilly in the city. My sweater is knitted and full of holes, which didn't help much.
Little Tokyo is a nice place. I wish it could be combined with San Francisco Japantown to double the awesome.

One of the places that I was itching to visit was Q Pop. I told my dad: be on the lookout for a red shop. It didn't take long to find it. I ran to the first block of red I saw, and there it was!
I wish I could have gotten a better shot of the shop, but I wasn't sure if I could take pictures, and stood this picture from across the street all shaky and paranoid.

I browsed everything in the shop a couple times. There's a lot of cool stuff from different artists and some familiar Japanese brands. The interior design is incredible, as well as all of the art displayed in the store. I would have loved to buy everything if I could. I was going to buy a shirt with the Comme Des Garcons Play logo on it when my mom said that it was creepy, and any non artist would have thought a toddler could draw better. I told her that it was disrespectful, and she got angry and left. So when I was about to get up and buy it, I checked the price tag: $18. Then I checked my wallet: $18. Not enough money for tax. Bummer. And my money borrowing source just upped and left. So then I left too.

I later went back to the store and met Q Pop Shop's Chris Mitchell. Super cool guy!
It turns out that he went to the same high school as I do. One of those 'it's a small world' moments. I had the pleasure of talking to him about school and art and the shop. I felt kind of bad because I'm possibly the most awkward person in the world, and a terrible conversationalist to boot. My dad did a lot of the talking.

Hurgh bonus. Posing at the airport.
I took one for my brother too. He's much better at making the face than I am.

Love, Kai


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