Thursday, March 17, 2011

got mail?

Today's mail! It's a package from David at Seibei. I bought a couple mystery tees. Usually when I get grab bags, I get really nervous about getting something I don't like. But with Seibei, I was pretty confident that anything he gave me, I would like.
Open! Prepare for awesome.
Celebration, commence! And here, I got two of the ones I wanted the most! David is some kind of mind reader. The mint one is the one I wanted to buy last December at the Renegade Crafts Fair, but ran out of money for. I let my brother try on the SF Dino one, and now he wants to wear it to school. It looks good on him and I'd love to let him borrow it, but he always gets food or snot or something or the other on the shirts I let him borrow. The woes of being the same size as my brothers.

Here's me showing off my new favorite shirt. I don't know why I get so excited over bright colors when it comes to t-shirts. I wish I had bought more. Two's not enough! Though, there's no way I can buy anything more on my card in secret. Looks like I'll have to wait till the next crafts fair.

I've been getting a good amount of mail lately. Which is exciting. But 50% of it is stuff from colleges about financial aid and housing and gatherings and open house kind of stuff. The other percentages are college decision letters and magazines. I don't have time to read magazines anymore. 24 hours a day is not enough.

I received a few acceptance letters so far. I haven't shared any on my blog, I don't think, but because I've posted several times during the portfolio process, I wanted to share that I've been accepted at FIT!

Ayup, that's all for now.
Love, Kai


Savannah Burton said...

Your dinosaur shirt is so cute!

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