Sunday, March 13, 2011

second chance sale.

Daylight savings. I haven't changed all the clocks yet, so it's a bit inconvenient. Will do that soon. I woke up early today to get a glimpse of the re-release designer collection pieces from Target. I had my eye one a specific piece: the Erin Fetherston black tiered dress. Unfortunately, the Target that I lived close to didn't carry that one, so I made do with the other one.
It's rabbit print! Very cute and whimsical.

I saw all the previews, so I already knew what to expect. But I was still feeling some disappoint with the collection. There were a lot of great designers who collaborated with Target in the past, but several of them were left out including Anna Sui and McQueen. Yet, they brought back Tucker, which was released only half a year ago. I thought that defeats the purpose of bringing old pieces back.

And some of the pieces that were chosen, I don't think were the strongest pieces by the designer. Maybe I'm just being biased because I was hoping for the Rodarte skeleton dress.

Photos were taken on my camera phone. I tried on five pieces on the first go. I tried the Jovovich Hawk ones first. This one was kinda cute.
I thought the poppy flower print one was most flattering, but they're the same style as the kinds of dresses I buy from Tokyo Fashion Co. in Taiwan.
Luella Bartley dress. I like that there's a built in petticoat. It's kinda cute. Not very flattering though.
And this Erin Fetherston one, which I settled on. I wore it as a skirt in a couple pictures, but they all came out blurry.

Since the Target that was closest didn't have the tiered Erin dress, I went to another Target to search for it, and it was in stock in every size. I took my camera along. Funny, my cell phone pictures don't seem to be any worse than my camera pictures.
I was kind of bummed that it didn't look all that good on me. It doesn't do any fancy flaring, and just goes straight down from the top. The straps are too long on me too. I tried on both of the Rodarte dresses, too, but forgot about pictures for those.

I'd like an Alexander Wang collaboration. Marchesa, Vivienne, Rick Owens, Christopher Kane, and all the Japanese designers; Limi, Yohji, Junya, Tao...I'd love a Target collaboration for. Make up for all those collections I missed in the past. I remember trying on some of the cute Go International items in middle school, but had mini heart attacks at the $40 price tag, and never understood why it cost more than everything else in the clothes area, and why there were always such limited sizing.

Love, Kai


Marlena said...

I was hoping they'd re-release the Rodarte ribcage dress too! It's sad that they didn't T_T
The Erin Fetherston one looks great though. I love the rabbit motif ^.^

tifflia said...

d'aw you beat me to it. I had my eyes set on the Erin Fetherston bunny print chiffon dress. ><;; Summer is creeping in and I when I saw that Target was bringing the old collaborations back I freaked out a little =_=;

The Luella Bartley isn't as flattering as I

ABIGAIL NY said...

The bunny one is I'm a fan of!

Savannah Burton said...

I want the Erin Fetherston one. It is basically the only one I like. I wanted the rib cage dress as well. But, I suppose I could just get it off of ebay.

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