Monday, March 7, 2011

winter prevails.

I can't wait till spring weather. Partly cloudy with the sun peaking out and a slight breeze. That's some ideal weather right there. I thought it would be like that today. That's what the weather report told me this morning, at least. It was wrong. Today was really cloudy and windy.
I thought it would be sunny so I didn't wear tights or a jacket. My shirt is so thin, it feels no different than wearing a sleeveless. My hair looks really light in that first picture.

Short dress from Forever 21, long dress from Emily Temple Cute, plaid button shirt from Goodwill, fluffy collared shirt from Tokyo Fashion Co. Taiwan, bow brooch from H&M, Docs.

My hair is getting kind of long and unmanageable. I tied my hair up with this outfit so it'd look shorter. I've never worn this shirt before, so I wanted to wear it today, and ended up wearing all my plaid. Enh.

Love, Kai


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