Tuesday, March 1, 2011

makes my eyes bleed.

Gosh, I'm one post away from my 100th post. It's been just about half a year since I started blogging. I still sometimes feel like I just started.

Shirt from Super Crew, Jacket from Puma, pants from H&M, leggings from Aritzia, Docs from Buffalo Exchange

Today was neon day at school. If you haven't figured, it was a bit difficult for me because I don't have all that much color in my closet. Everything I have is sorted into the black pile, the while pile, the greys and beiges, and a pile for everything that doesn't fit in those categories. So I wore my Super Crew shirt, which is about as much neon as I have.

After some additional searching around, I remembered I had a bottle of fluorescent nail polish. It makes my eyes bleed a little bit. It looked a lot more obnoxious in real life compared to the picture. My mom told me that if me dad saw it, he would get a heart attack. So I took it off soon after arriving home
Orly "Oh Cabana Boy."

Sleep deprived all week, man. It's ridiculous. I get home, sit and do nothing for seven hours, and then remember to do homework, and go to sleep and 1, and then fall asleep in all my classes. Senioritis sucks.

Oh yeah, my Billboard Gaga issue was FedEx'd over today. Yeyeah.
Can't read it until I finish my research notes for my research paper. I can't find any sources. And I'm falling asleep any second now. And my research is due in like an hour and a half.

Love, Kai


Asuka said...

lovely outfit, as always =)

Marlena said...

I'm not one for neon nail polish either. I like to stick with my pastels <3
Yay for crazy animal printed pants! I wish I could pull stuff like that off.

And OMG YES I will gladly take that extra copy of Kera off your hands! Thanks for thinking of me :} What's your email?

Kaiami said...

Asuka: Thank you~
Marlena: Woot woot. I'm happy it can go to a good home.!

Genevieve said...

I love the nail polish especially the sparkly nail

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