Thursday, March 17, 2011

layering on those layers.

Yesterday's outfit. Flowy layery kinds of clothing are my favorite. I wanted to wear that new thrift store purchase, so I threw a bunch of greys on.
Yesterday was so cold in the morning. My friend May wore her snuggie to school. It makes me want to wear my fluffy pink robe to school. Or buy a kigurumi. Even better. It became pretty warm by the afternoon, though. I was able to wear my tank and sleeveless vest without it being cold.
This jacket is the one I found at the thrift shop. There are two snaps that go on to make a sorta-cowl. And when it's not snapped, it just drapes in the front. The vest is new too.

Tank top from Juicy Couture, BCBG jacket from Savers, vest from Target, K pendant necklace gift from friend, pants from Taiwan, Dolce Vita for Target buckle booties.

Rainy days are making a comeback. I should just embrace those sunny days. Actually, I want more sunny days so I can buy some new parasols.

Love, Kai


MONi said...

Nice jacket, it's cool how it's buttoned up! Btw what's a kigurumi??

Kaiami said...

Thanks MONi! A kigurumi is a pajama jumpsuit. Here are my SHINee boys in kigus.

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