Thursday, March 31, 2011

back to my roots.

This week is international week at school, and today was international dress up day. I thought it'd be a good chance to finally wear that dress my dad bought be this summer. Does this count as a qipao? I don't even know.
Dress and pants from Taiwan, Zigi Soho shoes from Salvation Army

I've always liked traditional clothing, just not on me. I bought a traditional qipao when I was in elementary school, but it was a little long on me and too skinny for my liking. I thought it'd be better when I got older, but it's still too long and skinny for me. I haven't grown in six years.
This dress is by far my favorite piece of traditional clothing I own. It's loose and flowy and I like loose and flowy things.

Remember these shoes? Maybe not. It's the $2 pair from the Salvation Army! I bought them late last year and never wore them out because they're a full size too big. I was going to sew the elastic together to make it more wearable, but I never got around to doing that. So I pinned and clipped it today.
I wonder if it would look out of place if I wore this dress without an occasion. Not that I'm not already used to dressing out of occasion.

Love, Kai


Unknown said...

Nice kimono!!

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Unknown said...

If you really like it then that's the reason to wear it on every normal and special day!! I really like it and I think it would look amazing with for example skinny jeans and cute boots!

Unknown said...

im in love with you blog

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