Sunday, April 3, 2011

characteristic immoderation.

The flea market was yesterday! It was the first time I went to the flea market in about a year. I used to go every month, but I haven't been able to for a while. Yesterday, I went with a couple friends to look for supplies for the cultural festival at our school. My side goals were to get a present for my friend and that Minolta I've been trying to hunt down. I'll talk a bit about my purchases later.

Today's outfit. I didn't really go anywhere today, so I just dressed up at home. I almost never wear this skirt.

cardigan from Thrift Town, scarf from Goodwill, Pea in a Pod camisole from Goodwill, skirt from Bodyline, shoes from Taiwan.
My eyebrow is showing. This will never happen again.
This scarf was purchased at a thrift shop for $3 yesterday. Not bad at all. The material is extremely soft!
And my favorite necklace that the scarf was covering.

I love this floral! Rose prints are my favorites, and this one has a nice, classical color scheme. Kind of refreshing.

Yeah, so about that flea market trip. Goal one: buy tea cups. That never happened. The prices didn't quite work out. Goal two: buy my Minolta. I found a few different Yashica and Canon and Kodak models, but they were all out of my price range.

What I ended up buying: a box of clay flowers. They were swooshing around in my backpack so a few of them ended up breaking before I got home.

What I ended up buying part 2: socks. The elastic on the white pairs looks like underwear. And the color of the pairs for flats looks like underwear colors. So when I see them, I always think it's underwear.

Because I wasn't able to find the camera at the flea market, I went to four different thrift shops afterwards to look for it. One Goodwill did end up carrying a nice Yashica one, but for $45, which was more expensive than the nice ones at the flea market.

I ended up getting a Gunne Sax dress. I will never in my life be able to fit into it. I'm hoping to be able to alter and redesign it.
Funny thing, my dad was lecturing me about how to design clothes today. He said "you have to make them look like stuff you can buy in stores! Like normal clothes! Clothes are made for wearing!" Oh dad.

Love, Kai


Sia said...

Your outfit looks so mori gal. Love it. ^ ^

Cielo said...

Cute outfit ♥ I don't think I've seen your eyebrows before, haha xD (That sounded creepy, orz ;;")

The socks with the cat and fish are awesome~

Iris said...

Really pretty outfit<3!

- said...

beautiful outfit *-*
and the roses look so pretty!

Kaiami said...

Cielo: Haha not at all! That's not surprising considering how many times I have my eyebrows showing in pictures (close to never)

Aina Noire said...

I love your outfit. Which bodyline skirt is that?
I also really like the black dress. It's right up my alley X3

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