Tuesday, April 26, 2011

black on black.

Casual boring black on black today. The usual. I woke up pretty uninspired this morning. My dad started knocking on my door this morning at 6:27am, asking if I was awake, when my alarm clock is set to ring at 6:30. He doesn't usually try to wake me up unless it's almost 7 and my lights aren't on.

Obey Top from Buffalo Exchange, pin from H&M, F21 cardigan and skirt borrowed from my bestie

I used to wear a lot more black. It's not as extreme now. Find me a few years back, and there wouldn't have been a hint of white in my closet. I'm stepping out of my box. It's kind of a funny story. I used to be a pretty gloomy kid, and I found solace in black. At that time, I replaced almost everything I had in my closet and swapped it all out for black clothes. I got accustomed to wearing just black, and it was hard to switch out of that. It's become instinct to grab the first black thing on a shelf when buying something, or when I'm getting dressed.

...slowy switching to light colors.
Look at all these light colors! Remember that post with my new H&M dress? I bought the white one, but still wanted to go back for the dusty pink one. My best friend knew and bought me the other one when she visited San Francisco on Sunday. I should have been suspicious when she called to ask for my size.
The colors are actually pretty similar. This is me holding both of them together. They blend together! The white one on the left and the pink one on the right. I will wear them lots this spring!

Convention season is coming up, so I'll be spending lots of time on art for the next month or two. Just finished up on Pokemon stickers today. So much cutting to do.
I'll be keeping up on my blog, but if I mysteriously disappear, this is the reason.

Thank you everyone who entered the giveaway! I used a random number generator to determine the winner. So, congratulations to Rosemarie!

Love, Kai


tracee said...

Those stickers are so cute!!!

Asuka said...

oh man those stickers are just too cute *-*
and I was this close on bying this dress from H&M yesterday =)

DearKarYan said...

Great outfit and I love your dress! n__n
Ahh! Your pokemon stickers are adorable! I bet they will be all sold out!

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