Monday, April 4, 2011

dark bloom.

Sunny 75 degree weather today! I didn't even take a jacket along when I left the house. It's been really nice weather lately, though I wouldn't be surprised if it starts raining again, considering it is April.

Elle Ruffle cardigan from Goodwill, tank from Taiwan, dark rose dress from etsy-borrowed from friend, etsy necklace borrowed from friend, skirts from Sears and Charlotte Russe, Docs from Asos

I had fun wearing this dress today. My best friend and I trade clothes when we see each other, and she bought this vintage rose dress which she let me borrow in exchange for one of my clothing items. To be honest, I totally forgot what items we traded. Brainfart.
My mom bought be a pack of pink safety pins. I loveee safety pins. The dress is pinned on both sides so that the white eyelet trim skirt would be visible.
The vintage heart pendant necklace was borrowed from her too!
Two consecutive days of floral print. This print matches my Talula leggings. I like how it goes with my Docs, too.
If I move from California, I'm going to really miss being able to wear dresses in early spring. I'm so low cold tolerant. And low heat tolerant.

Love, Kai


Marielle said...

It's my first time to visit your blog and I totally love it! Nice dress you got there. I hope I have a bestfriend wherein I can trade clothes too! :)

I love your Docs too! :>

- said...

such a nice dress *-* and I love your idea with the safety pins! (safety pins ftw!!!)
and I'm so jealous of the necklace!

Lola said...

awesome outfit!

Amélie said...

The doc martens are awesome! I want them! ;)
I love your style! <3

Houndstooth Bunny said...

Hi Kai!
Lovely blog, and nice dress!I've been searching for a floral just like that for ages!


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