Sunday, April 10, 2011

just want a dress.

I'm not really a dances kind of person. I haven't been for a while. But I always wondered if I would say the same for prom. My school's senior prom is next month, and I'm almost certain that I am not attending. Why? I get this a lot. In addition to not enjoying dances, I don't like being in big crowds of people, and I don't have many people to socialize with. Also, it's not cheap. And it's on a boat. I'm extremely sensitive to motion, and being on a boat, especially a moving boat, will induce nausea. Meaning I'd probably be throwing up all over everyone's pretty dresses. Or pass out. And bad things happen when people pass out.

Despite all that, the sole reason I still have a slight desire to go: DRESSES. Oh my god the dresses. I love opportunities to buy fancy clothes and dress up. I just want the dresses.

I haven't gone through as many sites for dresses as most of the other seniors because, since I'm not planning on going. But here are some that I found on the few sites that I have been on. If I had all the money in the world, these are my choices.
Sue Wong on Unique Vintage. This one is almost $700.
This other Sue Wong one is around $500. I'm a believer of wearing long dresses for senior prom.

On Facebook, my class started up a page where girls can post their dresses so that no one shows up in the same dress. Out of all the dresses that have been posted so far, this one was the only one that caught my eye.
If it were in a dark color, I'd love to have the dress. Light in the box has some nice ones. I like a lot of the ball gowns they have.
This one in particular. I can see this one being galactic if I add on to it. If I went to prom, I want a long, poofy dress. Like a quinceanera dress. I don't understand why no one has chosen a poofy one. Everything that has been claimed are all so toned down.

When I thought about designer dresses, I first thought of McQueen. But my personal favorite runway collection of all time is Marchesa Spring 2011 Ready to Wear. The collection left my hyperventilating the first time I saw it.
I don't know how to sit or move around in these. But I lovelovelove them.
And if it were junior prom or winter formal instead of senior prom, this would be the dress of my dreams. I have a crush on this dress.

And last but not least, THIS ONE.
Setareh Mohtarez. Of course, I need a galaxy dress somewhere in this post. It looks like Christopher Kane resort collection on steroids. Love it.

But realistically, if I, hypothetically, were to go, chances are I'd buy a cheap used one at a thrift store under $20, find a vintage dress, or buy a fancier lolita one from Victorian Maiden or Alice and the Pirates. This one, maybe.

There wouldn't be very many opportunities to wear a prom dress after the event, but I wear lolita often enough to not have to worry about not having opportunities to wear it.

I'll probably just stay at home and design dresses while everyone else is at prom. Or maybe spurge on a new dress and just wear it at home. Yeah, maybe I'll do that. I want a dress.

Love, Kai


Unknown said...

Buy a dress that makes you feel amazing and just go out to a pre-prom dinner or cute tea party or something. You deserve a dress and a fun time!


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I think you should go :D You just basically described me: I don't like dancing, a don't like huge groups of people sweating around me, and I'm cheap. But I'm so happy I ended up going to my senior prom. Me and my friends all stayed off to the side of the dance floor and did goofy dance moves all night~

Not to mention you should totally get that lolita dress~

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