Saturday, April 30, 2011

the only doctors i'd be willing to see are dr. martens.

I wear my Docs more than any other shoe, so I've been thinking of investing in another pair before I go to college. Lately, I've been looking out for styles that I might get. Some time ago, I searched up galaxy doc martens, and these came up.
I was dying for them to be real. If I'm not wrong, fallie shopped them. When I was still in the galaxy docs mood, I shopped a pair of my own. Gosh would I love a pair of galaxy docs.
I've been contemplating getting some materials to paint my own pair.

On the Dr Martens site, the pastel ones also stole my heart. They're all so pretty. I would love me a pair of pink ones. Maybe those mint ones, too. Pink and mint are two of my favorite colors.
I don't know how much I'd wear pastels, though. As much as I like looking at them, chances are I'd only be admire them in my closet instead of wearing them out. So I was considering buying these buckles ones. They have a zipper on the side, unlike a lot of the other docs. My docs take a pretty long time to get one, so a pair with zippers would be convenient.
Knowing me, florals are always on the list. These two pairs were out when I bought my first pair. I was also thinking of these two pairs, but went with the Victorian Flowers instead. I don't regret it.
I found this pair on etsy. I wish I bookmarked the seller, but I didn't. I can't remember who was selling them. Typography shoes, mmm.
If I can find a pair of old docs at a thrift store, then I'll DIY them. Though, I've been looking for old docs for the longest time, and I've never come across a thrift store pair.

Love, Kai


Marlena said...

Galaxy Docs! My ultimate dream shoes *o* It's a shame that they don't actually make them.

Cara said...

i would DIE if i owned a pair of galaxy docs <3 oh i really love the buckle ones with the zip, i was thinking of buying them but went from the traditional ones instead :3

Kailee Aporro Granz said...

i want those victorian flowers docs
so cute

- said...

oh man, I love docs, they are probalbly my favorites shoes ever *-* I wish I could have them alll, especially the pastel ones O.O they look so awesome!

Iris said...

OMG! So, so, so amazing! I love all<3. Really adorable!!!

The Veggie Polyglotographer said...

I almost bought the last of the galaxy docs, and sooo regret not buying them!

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