Wednesday, April 20, 2011

from me to you.

To all my blog readers, thank you for supporting me! I've been blogging for just about half a year now, and I wouldn't have been able to keep going if it weren't for all of you. It sounds cheesy, but it's true. A blog with no readers would really just be a personal diary. To thank you all, I'm holding a small giveaway.

This bag is from the Japanese brand x-girl. I bought it in my animal print phase. It's foldable and portable, so you can take it around and whip it out anywhere!

To enter, just leave a comment! Not too many rules, really. Include these few things: 1) Leave a way for me to contact you, blog, email, whatever. No phone numbers, please. 2) Tell me a bit about yourself! Whatever you'd like me to know about you. I'd like to know my blog readers just a bit better. Anything you'd feel comfortable letting me know about yourself. 3) Give me some feedback about my blog! How did you find me? What kinds of posts do you like the best? Anything you'd like to see in the future?

You don't need a blogger to enter. Have you never commented before? Don't worry about it! I have my blog setting to accept OpenID and anonymous and all that fun stuff, so you can still comment.

Not from the United States? Don't worry about it! I know that not all my readers are from the states, and it makes me really happy to know that my blog reaches people who are geographically very far away from me. The internet is magical.

Not a reader? Don't worry ab-just kidding. If you're not a reader, I'll never know. I'd prefer if you only enter if you're a reader, but I can't stop you if you're not. If you happened to have stumbled upon my blog just in time for the giveaway and decide to stick around, looks like that makes you a reader! Hope you'll stick around for good!

I'll contact the winner in about a week, on April 26th.
Good luck, everyone!

Love, Kai


Purrincup said...

HI KAI! I'd like to enter you giveaway. You can contact me at cnk.midori at

I'm also living in Cali. I recently graduated from college. Feeling really old lately and juggling responsibility. Your blog is really nice. I enjoy your posts on stuff you buy.

Annie Kim said...

You can reach me at

i'm graduating from college in the bay area soon (3 weeks!) and i've been reading your blog since january. i like all your posts, you have such a charming and unpretentious way of writing! thanks!

Anonymous said...

2) I like the color yellow because my mother likes it and reminds me of the sun that gives me warmth and the summer feel. At first I thought it was a really gross color and made me think of urine, also it did not seem that much attractive. Though the color grew onto me and I started to like that color. My favorite color used to be blue and is still sort of is from time to time. I like to look at pretty things and things that perk my attention easily. I like to watch sports, especially if my friend(s) is in a sport. I like bakery bread/ treats, chiffon cakes, pretty food packaging/ container, manga, anime, asian snacks ,converse shoes and clothes. I like floral and plain-simple clothing and things. I have been reading you blog since September of last year, 2010.
3) I found you through your deviant from getting your business card at Fanime. I like your drawings a lot!! Especially the pokemon stickers, they are all so cute! I like it when you get a purchase and post that up and also when you go traveling or places that you take pictures of with you in them; like the japan town visit and your new one, NY. Those are the best kinds of post, but I like all your posts. I think in the future I’d like to see more of daily pictures. Like a 365 day pic. to pic.. Though right now all your post are already satisfying me very well.

Thanks for uploading posts from time to time. Your reader,

P.s. I used the anonymous, I was not sure what to use so yea..

Anonymous said...


2. I live in California and I'm having a pretty great week! I went to Berkley yesterday and went to a little thrift store and got this really cute leather jacket for $8.50 - it was supposed to be like $15.00 but the cashier gave me a discount because the zipper was broken. It made my week :D

3. One of my favorite posts was the one with the glass shoe - I thought the shoe was really beautiful and it was a very creative idea! I would never have thought of that. I think i found you via a different blog that had posted a link to one of your entries.

Kailee Aporro Granz said...

2. My name is Kailee and I'm from the South Bay.
I'm a history geek. I love European History. I want to visit Hungary because Budapest's (the capitol of Hungary) architecture is beautiful. Also I would like to go to Romania because I want to see Dracula's castle. xD
I love Korean Fashion because I can wear it everyday. I like wearing oversized hoodies and sweatshirts with skinny jeans and high tops. My absolute obsession is for Japanese fashion. I love gothic lolita because it's elegant and cute.
My favorite manga/anime is Hetalia.I use it to tutor my sister and some of my classmates. It makes history fun to learn and Italy is just to cute.
I love pokemon because they're adorable. Pikachu is my favorite.
It may sound weird but I'm an official Lady of Sealand. It's so cool I got a certificate and it was signed by the Prince of Sealand! I showed it to a lot of people at school and they said it was cool and other people called me a geek. :B
I have the stomach the size of a dinosaur to eat all the time. My favorite food is Siopao. I also love pasta and cheesey fattening foods that aren't good for me.
I enjoy to walk because it's relaxing. I usually walk around Stanford because it's a huge campus and lots of places to take pictures.
Music is a huge part of my life. I listen to it all the time. I really like Vocaloid songs , kpop (Big Bang , SHINee) and japanese rock (the gazettE , LM.C and SuG)

3.I found you through Jpopasia. In your info box it said you had a deviantart. So I googled your username and the search came up with your DA and blog. I clicked on you blog you had all this cool fashion. I love all your lolita posts. My favorite part is when you showed the things you bought from goodwill. I am sure to hung through goodwill some more!

~sorry i wrote so much xd~

Anonymous said...

Hello~ Im not really interested in the giveaway but Ill leave a comment anyway to show my support =]

Im 19 years old, from the UK and first year university. I originally found you on soompi. The what did you wear today thread. Really like your outfit pictures!!Im planning on getting the floral doc martens from seeing you wear em haha

I actually get really jealous seeing what you get from thrifting. Vintage fashion is big here but its expensive even though its second hand =[

If I have to pick my fav post it would be the ones which you showed your design artwork. Your drawings are so pretty I really admire you. Do you make all the outfits you draw? It would be great to see some of them. Hopefully you pick the best school to go too ^^ Your blog will always be bookmarked so keep blogging and work hard <3 x~

Lindsay Rose said...

Dear Kai,

I'm 20 and very eager to get started on my fashion blog. I am looking at many blogs for inspiration and recently came across yours through Self-Constructed Freak. What instantly moved me was that you designed a shirt not for profit, but to donate money to Japan. What a clever way to get your name out while helping an urgent cause :)
* I am currently obsessed with Tokyo street fashion, so I was extremely excited to see the mock angelic pretty shoes you recently posted. And of course, that the giveaway bag is from Tokyo! Kind of freaked..

I think it's so brave of fashion bloggers to put themselves out there the way you do. Even if my blog is never read by anyone, you guys will always motivate me to express my creativity in everyday life. You rock!


Lindsay Rose said...

Correction: I was excited to see that the bag was a Japanese Brand :). Okay, that's all, hope I win! tehe

りあ★ said...

Haayyy enter mee ;)

hmm...I am a girl who loves fashion & music! currently livin' in the Bay Area, but I'd really love to go to LA when I can!! In fact, I'll go this summer hohoho, I think I love everything there!

and I love your coordinate posts the best, whenever I look at other people's, it gives me inspiration! 8) your outfits are so lovely <3

Anonymous said...

Hoho, I don't really care for the giveaway either but i'll just leave a comment for funs.

i stumbled onto your blog through another blog that i also anonymously stalk, but that's another story

i'm not one to follow fashion really, but i enjoy your writing style and the humor that you include in your posts, and that's the main reason i read your blog (though some of the stuff you post are really pretty/cute)

feedback... let's see... there's so many--okay i'm just kidding. if anything, maybe at least some kind of weekly schedule for updates? it's kind of sad when i check your blog and there's no new entries :( but well that doesn't really matter because people are busy and who really has time to stick to a schedule

i think you're doing a good job so far with sticking with your blog, and the quality of the posts more than make up for your sometimes non-bloggingness, if that makes sense

Iris said...

Ohh, I think this is a lovely giveaway! So, my e-mail is and my blog is

I`m Iris 15-years from Finland and I love to read your blog. I love fashion and trends. I like art too. I`m sweet-lolita but I`m casual too.

I found your blog in poupee girl; ). And now I really love to read it! I like your fashion posts and is fun read your texts and see your outfits<3.

Have a lovely day<3!

Anonymous said...


You can email me at jenni.jepsen at gmail dot com.

I'm a full time college student and mom of a fantastic little boy. Since leaving the working world and dress codes behind, I've been dressing to make myself happy. I think the outfit ideas you put together are fun for all ages and inspire me to try new things. I have consistently crazy hair. Inspired by all your great finds, I went into a thrift store for the first time since I was a kid and found a great shirt.

I found your blog through the Self Constructed Freak blog and that I found through Refinery 29. I like the outfit photos best. As a mom, I like that you are proud of who you are and I hope to encourage that in my son as well.


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