Thursday, April 28, 2011

sweatshirt thursday.

I have a love-hate relationship with my hair/hair color. The last time I dyed it was January, I think. It looks alright indoors for the most part, but I get that orangy tint under the sun. I tried to cancel it out with ash dye, but it didn't work.
Also, my hair does that flippy thing when it gets to a certain length. It looks alright on the left (your right) for the most part, but the other side has a mind of its own. When I go to Taiwan, all the girls my age have perfect hair. I don't know how to do it.
Yeah, so about today's outfit. My friend Sabrina has what she calls "sweatshirt Thursdays." It's like casual Fridays except with sweatshirts and on Thursdays. So today I wore my GTFO sweatshirt that I just received on Tuesday. GTFO is an acronym for "Get the Funk on," a dance crew that consists of some kids at my school. I figured I should show my support so I bought one. Sweaters are always nice, anyway.

GTFO sweatshirt, plaid shirt from Goodwill, jeans from some store in Japan.

It's not very noticeable, but I wore it with my plaid shirt.
I wore them with my plaid Converse, but they were outside so I didn't want to go out to get them. I had a huge plaid phase when I would only buy black clothes and plaid clothes. Especially red plaid. I hunted down those plaid Converse. They weren't even the type of plaid I liked. I would have liked these back in the day.
This reminds me, I was looking for Docs a while ago and stumbled upon these on ebay. I grew out of my plaid obsession a while ago, but these were tempting.

picture from ebay
They weren't my size, though. I don't remember what size they were, but they were kids size. I think I'm making a Docs post soon.

Love, Kai


Prastika Herlianti said...

same problem with me, my medium short hair have 'different direction' each side :s
but I like your hair, it looks straight and smooth ;)

rachel said...

When I had hair that length I had the exact same problem! Your hair is really nice and really shiny though.

prancing bee said...

My hair also has the same problem! It's currently in that state right now.
o_o those docs are pretty cool! I like how there are so many different patterns

Marlena said...

Tartan Docs.
Those are going to haunt me in my dreams for sure!

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