Saturday, April 23, 2011

fashion designers wear sweats? blasphemy!

One of my biggest peeves is judging people based on the little knowledge one has of another person. Such as "because his parents parents are rich, he must be spoiled." Or "because she's overweight, she must be bad at sports." On the top of my list is "because she's wearing sweats, she must be terrible at designing." I get this. All the time.

Jacket from H&M, Japan Dinosaur tee from Seibei, PE sweatpants from school, Doc Martens

I love dressing up. But the thing is, I don't like dressing up every single day of my life. On an uninspired lazy day, I just want to wear pajamas around. On a day where I only have one destination and only want to pick up a couple things from I store, I wear an oversized tee, comfy pants, and Asian lady sandals.

I went to get my biannual teeth checkup yesterday, and just slapped on some sweats and sneakers and headed out. My dentist is a real talker, which is really weird considering he has his hands in my mouth and I can't talk anyway so it's more like he's talking to himself. But the conversation went to college and what I'm majoring in. When I said fashion, he looked an my clothes and went "oh." It ended there. I get that a lot. As in extremely often.

What does it take to design? Studded heels? Or overflowing juices of creative power? Heck, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen wore jeans and flats to her own show, but that doesn't influence her ability to design. She is phenomenal.

I do believe this is the most rant-like post I've ever made. I don't talk about pet peeves much. So, since I've talked about my own peeve, what peeves you?

I was painting yesterday, when I messed up on Connor's arm. I was going to cut it out anyway, so I figured it would be alright if I drew another arm and just cut that out. But I messed up again and soon he had three arms. My brother passed by and told me to make Connor into an octopus and he'd buy it off me for $4 so I could buy another board to paint on. So I finished it.
Connor the octopanda.


tracee said...

I get that a lot too. I'm such a slob sometimes and when people ask me where I go and what I'm majoring in... my response being "Yeah, I go to art school"... and they're all "....I see. That's cool."

Just because I'm in art school doesn't mean I need to dress fashionably every single day because I'm exposed to it.. And my fashion friends wear sweats and T-shirts all the time...

Tiffany Liang said...

Hm. I know people like that. But in the end oI've come to realize that the frumpiest/most insane are some of the most creative and intelligent people out there.

Einstein never tried to look good. ;)

I get ticked off by a lot of things, but top two that bother me today:
1. People who don't try.
2. People who assume kids that go to art school went bc they suck at school/studying/normal school stuff.

=_=; People who take stuff for granted piss me offffffff, and when they don't try and live life like it's a breeze really irks me. :/ guess I'm just sick of myself not getting it easy.

Andddd..I'm pretty protective of my friends, and since a few of them are going into art, I get miffed when other people say "oh it's bc they're not good at anything else"... :/ that one kid happens to be setting the curve in calc bc, so you shut your trap now. :/// that is all.

In sweatpants news...I looked like a BAMF walking to the library today, Cal tee + AA hoodie + flip flops + sweatpants (it was hot!) + sunglasses + hair in a high bun. I looked like a single mother...LOLOL or a very lazy teen = =

RiA SPiRAL said...

yes I get that too, because I usually wear regular clothes at school and when I talk about fashion to people, then look at me like o_o lol
I think my pet peeve is...hmm probably people who are really cocky. yup.

Asuka said...

oh man, story of my life. I love dressing up but as you said, not every single time of my life ^-^
Keep on going girl, the outfit looks great, nevertheless.

and the painting is so cute *-*

the stylista said...

I love your painting, i am a painter myself, what size canvas did you use? :)

Modern Art Online said...

Its good to be true if you like art, because it has similarity to fashion. If you are appreciating the paint it means you feel comfortable w/ that & you keep on staying on that. Its greatly amazing! ♥ ^_^


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