Thursday, April 21, 2011

oh wind, just take me away.

Thank you for all of the input on yesterday's post so far! It makes me smile just reading them. This was yesterday's outfit, but I fell asleep before finishing the post. Actually, I fell asleep at 4:30am, but that's a different story.

I had planned on going to the San Francisco cherry blossom festival last weekend, but because I was stuck in New York, I missed the festivities. So instead, my best friend and I caught a train to go to San Francisco together this Tuesday.

Elle cardigan from Goodwill, dress from H&M, parasol from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Zigi Soho shoes from Salvation Army, pearl necklace from Angelic Pretty, DIY timepiece necklace with parts from Taiwan.
Missing my second leg in this picture, woops. I think it's just conveniently behind my other leg. Sneaky. Here are the things I bought in San Fran, minus the eyelashes and hanger from Daiso. I forgot about those.
I was desperately in need of going to San Francisco before the parasols at Baby sold out. I broke my white one by opening it too fast, and a string snapped. The dress and top are both from H&M. I haven't bought new clothes from a retail store in so long. It feels good.

I always end up wearing what I buy on the next day. I wasn't going to wear the dress for another week because there was a same style dress in dusty pink that I really wanted to get too. But I already have a couple dresses in that color, so I didn't let myself buy it. Regretting it a little bit. But I might be regretting it too if I bought it. It's a lose lose situation.
Also, I don't buy white very often. I don't like how white looks on me, so I try to buy things that are more of a cream shade or something dark and neutral like grey or black.
This parasol is flipping amazing. It's my sixth one. I don't mind spending on parasols as much as other things because I have to take one out when I go out every day. This is my first Alice and the Pirates one, though.
My friend spotted a similar necklace at Angelic Pretty in San Francisco. It was the same one in a darker pink, but it was $20 more than I bought it for in Angelic Pretty Osaka. Darn import and exchange rate.
Wearing the cropped jersey cloth shirt I bought at H&M. Ten bucks well spent. It's so incredibly comfy. I'm missing the general basics in my closet. That's why tees and tanks make me so excited.
Showing off my white bag. I bought it a year ago in Taiwan, but it's the first time I used it. Taiwan has a bunch of awesomely affordable things. Planning on buying extra things this year to give away here. My face looks the same in every picture. It kind of creeps me out. But I guess that's how faces work.
I love how flowy this dress it. It makes me want to, I don't know, go to the beach or something. With a boater hat, with the wind blowing. When I was little, I use to be blown away by the wind. I hadn't had that happen to me for years. Until I went to New York. Being carried away by the wind. My dad though I was being silly.
This has got to be one of the longest outfit posts I have. It's kind of awkward to stare at myself for so long.

Love, Kai


Cindii said...

I love that necklace! Where did you get it?

Asuka said...

your outfit is lovely as always *-*
and I'm really loving your shoes, they look perfect for spring/summer!
just keep on doing these long post I love your blog <3

Anonymous said...

Oh my smile is way too adorable! <3 And I think white looks very on you :D I don't usually buy white either, but mostly because I don't want to worry about getting something on it...

I definitely need to go to H&M, because it looks like you found some great stuff there (that dress!). And I'm now seriously considering getting a cute parasol...

Anonymous said...

you are a princess
and looking at the camera, smiling suites you!

Cherry said...

Really cute & pretty outfit<3!

tracee said...

H&M is love! I don't really like the H&M style in SoHo though.. and it's more expensive here.

And I have three close friends who are fashion majors! They love it at Pratt :)

icitea said...

You're so adorable! You have a mori-girl feel to you. Love the h&m dress &necklace! By the way, do you have a Poupee girl account..?

Kaiami said...

Icitea: Yeah! The link is located on the lefthand side

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