Sunday, March 27, 2011

kicking it old school.

After yesterday's post, I was planning on going to Goodwill to search for a film camera. I got lucky.
Instead of going to Goodwill, I tried Thrift Town, since my family was in the area for lunch. I was hoping to find maybe one film camera at Goodwill, and ended up finding ten of them at Thrift Town. Selection! I chose a Minolta Freedom Family Zoom ($2.99!)and a Pentax Espio ($0.99!). I had so much fun in the appliance section. Thrift Town has the best selection in appliances.

The Polaroid was the big prize. I wasn't expecting to see one there! Actually, I kind of missed it because it wasn't in the camera section. It was placed around where the irons and VCRs were. Luckily, my brother spotted it. We were so giddy, and high fived who-knows-how-many times.

The problem with these cameras is getting the extras. My Pentax runs on lithium batteries, which are about $10 each. And Polaroid has stopped making film, so I can only buy from Impossible Project, which are kind of expensive.

sweater from Goodwill, drapey pants from Taiwan, Doc Martens from Buffalo Exchange

My search isn't over yet, though. I'm still on the lookout for a Minolta SRT 101 or 201 and a Holga. Maybe I'll just get one at Urban or something. Yay more thrift shopping.

I've thrown some film into the Minolta one already, so hopefully I'll get some good pictures on it in the next few days.

I spent all of my time looking at appliances, I didn't find any clothes. Hoping for another pair of Docs on my next visit.

Love, Kai


Michele said...

Nice! Been looking for a Polaroid myself but even the local thriftstores don't have em. Also the film is impossibly expensive. I bought a film camera a few years ago (konica) and since then I've only taken maybe 20 pictures. I'm very interested in seeing some pictures taken with the film camera!

Kaiami said...

Ooh a Konica! That's fantastic! My father had one of those when he was young. One from the '50s. I'm buying a few more cameras, and once I have some nice pictures, I'll be sure to post them on my blog.

Polaroid film is a kick in the butt! You can find a pretty nice working Polaroid for less than $20 with shipping, but the film is more than that.

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