Wednesday, December 15, 2010

and what happened here?

Cardigan and flower pin from flea market, Pea in a Pod (yes, I know) camisole and pants from Goodwill, Pier 1 bracelet from my Secret Santa, floral scarf from Forever21, MIA shoes from Nordstrom Rack

It sure has been a while! A whole school week since I last posted. Tomorrow is my last test. I'll need an A to raise my grade, which is teetering at a 89%. I still have a lot of things to stress about, but I'm tired of stressing so I'm chillaxing until I receive an email from FIT.

Went out for more Christmas shopping and whatnot this afternoon.
Aldo purse my mom bought me for my sixteenth birthday. Except I was seventeen and a half when she bought it. I haven't used this bag in a while, and found $7 in the front pocket. Heck yeah! I used it to buy Christmas presents. And also the rest of my income. Christmas season is so draining. I legitly ran out of money on hand today, so I went to the ATM for the first time today. I thought that after inserting the card, you can just pull it back out. So I panicked when the machine swallowed up my card.

I think I'm going swacketing soon.

Last weekend, my little brother ate my Cola Chupa Chup without asking me. Luckily, I found these! I completely dorked out when I saw these. Takara Tomy Pokemon Chupa Surprise!
At over four bucks a pop, they're pretty expensive. I could get the giant Chupa Chup for that price.

One last thing. Welcome, new watchers! Thank you all for visiting. I woke up this morning completely blown away by the amount of traffic.
What is this?! How did it happen? I'm out of the loop. Someone, fill me in. Anyway, thanks for visiting, and welcome aboard!

Oh hey headache, welcome back.

Love, Kai


Kelsey said...

What a cute purse! I always see purses I like, but I never know if I'm going to actually use them or if they're right for me...which explains why I've been using the same purse for five years! 8D;;

I'm pretty lucky that I don't really have to buy Christmas presents. My sister does want to do some shopping this year though. My friends and I don't exchange gifts, we just have sleepovers and bring different food. My parents are the ones who buy gifts for the family, and then I wrap them so I can feel like I helped! >3>

I can't remember what website shuffled me here, but I do know it directed me to the post where you altered a pair of shoes~

coco said...

This outfit is adorable. I love the relaxed, tomboyish attitude of it all, but then you have the floral kerchief around your neck and it gives it so much character! The shoes are great too! I love them! I want them! Every time I go to Nordstrom Rack here though, they never have shoes quite as cool as those! I'm so jealous <3

How exciting on all that traffic too! I love it when you wake up in the morning to awesome finds like that. It makes your whole day!

xoxo coco

Enril said...

Hello, I am a newbie to your blog. I found your blog through tokyo fashion website. It's a nice blog you have. ^^ I like the shoes, they look really cool, and love the coat. >< It would be great if you could do close up photos for the accessories you are wearing. btw, great blog. Keep it going, i know i am going to be a frequent visitor. :)

Kaiami said...

Kelsey: I have too many purses for my own good. It;s not a terribly huge amount of them, but I really only need two; a big one and a small one.

Coco: You know, I used to want to be a tomboy back in elementary school, but I thought I had to be good at sports to be a tomboy. It really is a pleasant surprise!

Enril: Through the comments? Haha I suppose I do comment there pretty often. I will keep your input in mind for future posts. Thank you!

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