Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DIY: pseudo olympian god

A week ago, Coco of Muffin Top Baby, whose blog I adore, posted a DIY of one of her dream shoes, Miu Miu's pink swallows. Her creation inspired me to transform my own pair of shoes. And of course, I took on one design that I covet the most, Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Melissa Gold Wing Rocking Horse Shoes.

This is one pair that I've admired since it was released. Now, finding a pair in my size and color is no longer an easy task.

I started off my mission at Goodwill, where i picked up a pair of black platform sandals. They were $10.50, a bit expensive for Goodwill standards. My next stop was Michael's, where I picked up a can of gold spray paint and some wing charms. There were maybe four or five different types of gold, which made it a bit difficult to choose one out.

I then taped the soles of the shoes to prevent it from turning gold. I first took masking tape to put around the edges, and then taped some paper to fill in the rest.

I took them out to spray paint, during art class. My teacher told me it was fine to spray paint without newspapers underneath because he liked the colors and designs that spray paint makes.

For my spray paint, I close Design Master in Brilliant Gold 731.

Not exactly the color I wanted, but it's still gold, so I'll accept it. This spray is so much more fast drying than the kinds that I've used in the past, before it was illegal for minors to buy spray paint. The kind that I used to have would take hours and hours to dry. This one took only a few seconds. Crazy!

Finishing touch was the little wing charm. I spray painted these too, though they were originally gold, to match the color of the shoes.
I wasn't sure how to connect these. I chose wire. I took a piece of wire for both sides, and looped it through the charm, and through the shoe belt hole.

And here is the result:

Success! While it's not perfect, I do like them quite a bit. And I've discovered the joy of spray painting during the process.

Love, Kai


Marlena said...

OH MY GOD! Best DIY ever!! They look amazing *__*

Kaiami said...

Oh gosh, Marlena. Your comment just seriously made my night. Or my morning, considering it's exactly 12am.

Cherry said...

OMG! Woow! So good work, looks same!

DearKarYan said...

Gorgeous! Fantastic DIY! :)
Looks like loads of fun too!

coco said...

I love them! They look so freaking awesome! I want a pair of my own now! Lol! And can I say how delighted I am to hear that I inspired you like that? Seriously, that made my whole day :}


xoxo coco

Flow Disruption said...

Awesome job! They look amazing. :)

Sophia Alexandra said...

I LOVE! These are my favorite shoes ever! I must try to make some as well. Yours look great.

Giraffison said...

Wowow! I love the wing charms you picked out (x you did a great job on these <3

Jennifer said...

I love the transformation of this. How's the gold holding up? Does it stay on with wear or is it like starting to chip off?

Kaiami said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Jennifer: So far, it's been staying on pretty well. Some of the color rubs onto my hand, but it still stays on the shoe

Moey said...

lovely! Sure look good! =)

Bloggella said...

Fun! What will you make next?

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