Wednesday, December 29, 2010

just a trim.

My bangs were long enough to cover my eyes again, so I went to get them cut today. I normally cut them once a week on my own, and haven't had a problem with my own cutting skills. But my mom is always complaining about it so I decided to go to a salon on have them trimmed.

I gave the lady at the counter a few instructions. One, I want them straight and even. Two, they must be long enough to cover my eyebrows. Unfortunately, she cut them crooked and short enough for one eyebrow to show.

At least it photographs better than it looks. I've been wearing this pin in my hair all afternoon, trying to make the lopsidedness not look so bad.

The lady went chop chop chop straight across my bangs and finished in less than a minute, and charged ten bucks for an inadequate cut. In Taiwan, I can get three quick cuts or one expensive cut for ten dollars.

I think I'm just going to stick with cutting my bangs myself.

Love, Kai


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