Monday, December 6, 2010

you and what army?

Wearing an army green jacket my best friend's dad brought back from Taiwan. It's really tight, I'm not even kidding.I even considered slicing it and making it into that one Comme piece that Tavi has, The mindblowing blanket one that I took half a lifetime trying to figure out. There'd be an extra panel in the back for more room. Too bad my poor sewing skills would probably ruin it.

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Besides the being too small and the sleeves being kind of short, it's a really nice spring season jacket. Winter, not so much. Still searching for a winter military jacket.

I would love the Junya Watanabe one. There was a Comme des Garcons coat featured in the recent issue of Teen Vogue (which I haven't received yet. I'm starting to wonder if my subscription ran out). I'm not sure if it's this one, but I'd love to have it, either way.

picture from Hypebeast

Today was kind of sunny. I was passing my a window and my hair color looked like BAM. I'm really tempted to dye my hair. Under the sun, my hair looks light brown, almost blond. The unflattering orangy tint kind. Can't dye until New Years, at the earliest, though.

Here's a flashback to the summer,after my hair dye messup. The root of it all. I used a box of ash greyish brown, and it turned...not ash greyish brown.

I didn't keep it for very long. One of the main reasons being I was going off to Taiwan and didn't want to surprise my relatives. I dyed it black, which ended up fading.

Some more of my new things. I was at a local thrift store and snagged this Saba blazer for seven bucks. The skirt is a gift from my friend/friend's dad.
I love this skirt! It's made my favorite Taiwanese brand, J Daheck. I love them for their unique style and cuts. Their website freezes on me whenever I try to surf on it, though.

I can't believe another two hours just flew by. Homework time. Or sleep time. Maybe I should catch up on sleep instead. Homework tomorrow.

Love, Kai


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