Saturday, December 4, 2010

the worst part about waking up.

Today is the biannual International Lolita Day, so I'm wearing my first lolita dress. It's also my favorite one. I woke up early today to go to the flea market, but I ended up not going. The worst part about waking up is that I want to go to sleep again after I wake up. The second worse thing is hearing my brother scream around the house.

Jumperskirt from Metamorphose, Doc Martens, dress (worn under jumperskirt) from Tokyo Fashion Co, American Eagle crochet bolero and crochet doily from Thrift Town.

When I was putting on my bolero, I freaked out, thinking I can't believe I got a hole in it already! And then I realized that it's crocheted and made of holes. Duh moment.

Instead of going to the flea market, I spent the morning looking up potential Christmas presents for friends and family. My parents are hard to shop for because if they want something, they would already have it. That's why I draw them a picture every year. My little brother, on the other hand, has too many potential presents. I think I'll get him a taco shirt.

Love, Kai


coco said...

Awe. I want a Taco shirt!

I love your dress. I've always wanted to buy one for myself from Metamorphose... All of their Lolita dresses are just to die for! Especially their Victorian and Princess ones. I love them! You look great in yours. That color is so pretty on you :}

I hate when that happens too btw. You wake up and you want to go back to sleep, but can't. I hate that lolol

xoxo coco

Flow Disruption said...

I love this outfit! I also love the outfit in the post below. Keep it up. :)

Cherry said...

You are so cute<3!

better days said...

Such a pretty dress. Hope you had a full day of Lolita activities.

Kaiami said...

Coco: Metamorphose was the first brand that I was familiar with, so it's special to me in that way. I wasn't a fan of burgundy until I bought this dress. I won it in an auction for $60! I hope you'll get a dress you love too.

Flow, Cherry, Better Days, thank you!

Hello Naka said...

amazing dress but i love ur doc martens a bit more :p

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