Thursday, December 2, 2010

merry christmas to me.

MY SHOES ARE HERE! My Doc Martens Victorian Flowers! They are an early Christmas gift from my dad. I told him that they can last for five years of regular use, so he's expecting me to not buy shoes for another five years now.

I had set my heart on this pair, and was heartbroken when the black ones were taken off the Docs website. I wrote an email to the company and was told that there would be more coming in sometime in February, but of course I didn't want to wait. After checking several websites, I was only able to find the brown/taupe version, preorders, or ones that weren't in my size. That's when I got a 20% off coupon code from Teen Vogue for Asos.
And behold, my most expensive pair of shoes.
I searched the website, and they had them! Choosing the size was the hard part, since I couldn't try them on. In most cases, I'm a size 7.5. In Ecko sneakers and Etnies, I'm a 6.5, and in Nikes and Forever 21 shoes, I'm more of an 8. My best bet, I thought, would be 7. The reviews about Docs running large were right. They're a little bit big on me, maybe a size or half a size too loose, but nothing an insert can't fix.

And now for the break-in process. I'll wear them for a week straight and hopefully they're adjust to me feet by then.

Love, Kai


Flow Disruption said...

I really love your style, it's awesome. :) I love all the colours you wear in each outfit and these are my favourite Doc Martens I've seen so far!

coco said...

Yesss. Quite possibly the most awesome pair of Doc Martens there is. I love them! I'm so jealous!

xoxo coco

Tiffany Liang said...

No joke? I've wanted those forever >>

Kaiami said...

Flow Disruption: I appreciate it! They're my favorite, too. I had to get a pair before they're out again (or forever).

Coco: Haha I'm glad you like them too! I'm such a floral print addict.

Tiffany: Me too! They were in a wishlist post some time back, I think. I'd been dying for floral print Docs, and these are so perfect because they're black and pink. They come with satin pink laces on the side, too!

shoegarfreeruby said...

Im planning to get these too and we're the same size! So do you suggest getting the size 6 instead?

Kaiami said...

Oh, tough question. I'm not sure how accurately I can answer that without trying on the six first. If I wear my 7s with a pair of thick socks, it fills up the gap. I'd probably stick with the size 7, since it's easier to wear them if they're a bit too big as opposed to a little too small. But then again, I read somewhere that Docs loosen up when you break them in, so I'm not sure.

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