Sunday, December 19, 2010

renegade craft fair.

The Holiday Renegade Craft Fair took place this weekend in San Francisco, where a couple hundred indie artists sell their crafts. It was my first time there, and I was awfully excited. My two goals of the day were: 1) find the Seibei stand and buy a taco shirt for my baby brother and 2) buy a swacket.

Here's the venue, inside the Concourse Exhibition Center. I ran to the back to look for Seibei as soon as I got in.
Success! There, I met David, also known as Seibei's mastermind. I must have sort of spazzed, because I've been a fan of his work since the summer of 2008, when I first stumbled on a sandwich dinosaur t-shirt on JapanLA's website. I was going to buy a taco dinosaur tee for my brother and a mint/pink sandwich dinosaur tee for me, but in all my excitement, I kind of forgot. That, and I only brought $50, which was a mistake. There were so many amazing artists there, and I wish I had brought more money.

I love Seibei dinosaurrr!!!

From left to right, my dinosaur tank top, a navy/white sandwich dinosaur t-shirt for my brother, and a taco dinosaur tee for my other brother. The tote and buttons and signed posters are gifts from David.

Aside from Seibei, one of my favorite booths was Rebe. The designs were cute and comfy, my favorite style. I wanted the pants that was on the mannequin, but I was $130 short.
I had to take several shots before getting a not-as-blurry one. The lighting in the expo wasn't all too point-and-shoot friendly.

Dinosaur! I've realized recently that I really like dinosaurs. They might be my favorite animal after birds. This giant dinosaur caught my attention.
I bought a book at this stand.
I received some postcards as a free gift from the guys working there.
The two guys there were totally awesome and sociable, but for that reason, I had to wait for quite a while to get to them and pay.

I was looking around for some things for my big brother. If I had the money, I might have gotten this scarf. My brother likes scarves and he likes cupcakes. Maybe not pink, though.
Made by Twinkie of twinkiechan.

Something came up in the early afternoon so my dad and I rushed back home. I spent four hours commuting to and from San Francisco and only spent an hour and a half in the city. Meaning I didn't get to go to Harputs for a swacket. It would be easier if I just lived in San Francisco. I'll have to go back sometime soon. Maybe when it's sunny again. I'm not a fan of walking in the rain. Oh that reminds me, my Docs aren't waterproof, so the bottom of the shoe has been pilling. Man.

This is Kaia, over and out.


Kelsey said...

Wow! That show looks awesome :D I wish we had things like that around me!

And I've heard of that book! It's so cute xD

Kaiami said...

It's a lot of fun, seeing all the works of different artists. The Renegade Craft Fair makes rounds at five different cities in the US, so if you're ever in the area at the time, it's definitely a nice place to check out.

The book is so sad and entertaining at the same time! Definitely a keeper.

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