Wednesday, December 1, 2010

accidents happen.

scarf, cardigan and pants from thrift shop, zebra shirt from Taiwan, strappy wedges MUDD from Famous Footwear

I was trimming my hair yesterday and made a mistake. There's a strange looking tuft of hair in the back of my head now, which you can see in the picture.

I wore those velvet pants today! I didn't know at all what to wear with them. Nothing seemed to go well. I pinned my pants up to make them look a little more like harem pants. The print is so pretty. A classmate commented that they looked expensive. So glad that they were only $2.99.

It's December already, another stressful month. More ACT testing coming up, and then finals right after that. I still need to spew out more art so I can apply to art school.

Got a picture of Polly in his nest today!

Love, Kai


Phoebe said...

I love the pants, the pattern is definitely amazing!

BTW, Polly is adorable. :)

Kaiami said...

Thanks, Phoebe! Floral patterns are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

you have such cute hair! i've always wanted to go short but am afraid to 'cuz i think i'd look like a guy xD

i've also always wanted a diamond dove but i have a dog so i'm not allowed any other pets >:[

p.s. cool pants!

Kaiami said...

Hi there, Anon! I've always wanted to have versatile hair so I could dress girly on my girly days and dress like I guy when I want to. I love short hair, but it grows out really weird, so either I have to cut it often or tough through the growing process.

I'm so happy that you know what he is! I always get questions on what kind of animal he is, because I suppose diamond doves aren't as common as budgies. Someone asked if he was a rabbit, once. I'd like to have more pets, but my mother doesn't like having pets so no luck on that.

I'm such a blabber.

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