Tuesday, November 30, 2010

now I'm feelin so fly.

A classmate of mine told me today that I look like I'm from Far East Movement. It must be the jacket and the being-Asian,though half our school is Asian. This is how my hair looks after I blow dry it. By the time I wake up in the morning, I have strands of hair sticking in different directions. Do I look like a boy?

I took this picture yesterday night after getting my new jacket and thought ohsnap I look like I have Bieber hair. More singer/artist reference!

Puma windbreaker, NYDJ jeans from Nordstrom Racks, my friend's sister's Nike Dunks.

It's been a while since I wore jeans! Jeans seemed appropriate today, though. I wore my Ecko sneakers today, but swapped shoes with my friend, who was wearing her sister's shoes, because they matched my jacket. Jealous! I want my own pair of Nike's. Still saving up for that swacket.

There is a pair of Nike's that someone is selling for pretty cheap, but I'm still deciding if I can justify spending any more money this month (or next month. Oh dangit the flea market is on Saturday).
I almost bought this pair at Thrift Town the other day. They look really new in the picture, but they're pretty worn in real life. They were around my size, and $10. While $10 isn't too bad for shoes, they were too worn to be $10 and no discount (I'm so cheap). Maybe I'll save up for those Nike's too.

7:30! Going to sleep early today.

Love, Kai


Suzannah said...

I love the shoes! :)

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