Monday, November 22, 2010


It looks like I'm almost at my photobucket bandwidth limit, so I'll be using not-photobucket for a while. Anyway, here's a short story. While in San Francisco, I passed by a shop with a mannequin wearing a T-shirt with a bug eyed heart on it. I thought well that looks familiar but couldn't think of why, and left it alone. It wasn't until I arrived home that it was the PLAY Comme des Garcons logo. I looked up the shop, in hope of it carrying more Comme fashion, and ended up falling in love with something else: the swacket.

photos from Harputs of San Francisco

This is a swacket, the which can be worn is an endless number of ways. It goes right next to jeans and Docs in my list of most versatile pieces of clothing. It is sold at the Harputs Union store in San Francisco or online on their website. The one pictured above is the Black Nylon Swacket, which retails for $375. If I can earn an additional $200 before the holidays, I'm going to consider getting one for myself. This thing is incredible.

Love, Kai


Giraffison said...

Oh man, it's like a circle scarf, but a jacket. That's sooo strange! I can't believe you can make so many styles with just one jacket. * A* Perhaps I should invest in one myself. (:

Kaiami said...

I love circle scarves! There are a couple from Express that I wanted to buy. But I forgot about it, woops.

I looked up pictures of other bloggers wearing it, and there are so many variations, it's mindblowing!

Giraffison said...

LOL there are these great circle scarves from American Apparel that I'd love to have! I'd have to invest on them though, ahaha

Oooh, sounds fun (x

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