Monday, November 1, 2010

sometimes I don't understand cheap people.

I bought a shelf yesterday, finally! Since I have my bookshelf where my swivel chair was, I now have a squishy microfiber chair for my work desk. Wheee. I just wanted to say that first. Now onto my entry.

I am undoubtedly a cheap person. I don't know who else in school thinks $7 for a t-shirt is an outrage (yes, I occasionally give in and buy them anyway). But I'm nowhere as frugal as my parents are.

My parents bought two boxes of microwavable dinners yesterday, at a little bit over $3 each. It was already on sale, and they hadn't seen a cheaper price, so they bought it. Later in the day, we went to Target, and there was a sale going on for about $2.50. Goodness, were they riled up. Go get the receipt! Get the boxes! Go return them to Safeway! It was quite a scene, caused by $0.50.

Then at Target, I spotted a shelf on sale for $26, marked down from $30. I asked my mother if we could buy it, and she gave me one of those IT'S ONLY $4 OFF? looks. It's a sale! It doesn't matter if it's not 50% off and on clearance. $4 off is $4 saved, since I was going to buy that shelf anyway.

Well anyway, the important thing is that I got my shelf. It was one of those self assembling shelves that needs to be put together piece by piece. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't even a bit proud of putting it together (with my dad's help, of course). At $26, get what you pay for. I mean, the backing of the shelf are foldable pieces of cardboard. How much cheaper can it get?
It doesn't look that bad when assembled though. This will be my magazine shelf. The magazines that were on the floor have a place to go now! My stuffed animals will be be occupying the space for now, until I find room elsewhere for them to go. And get some book shelf holders.
My mother bought me Vogue Italia as a shelfwarming gift. Actually, I told her I needed it for school, WHICH I DO, and to make it fair, I was going to buy it myself. Until I went to the cashier with my 40% off Borders coupon, only to be informed that the system isn't swiping it because it's a magazine, and coupons can't be used on magazines. Crud. And because of my complete defeatedness, and the fact that I said it would be used for school, my mother took it and bought it for me. She can be so sweet. Although she flipped through Vogue Paris with a look of distaste on her face. I thought the October issue of Vogue Paris is pretty incredible, but I can understand where she's coming from. She complains to me about what Gaga is wearing (I love Gaga, by the way) because she's on the Chinese newspaper from time to time. If it weren't for the tears and folds on the last remaining issue of Vogue Paris, I would have gotten that instead. Vogue Italia was $20. Plus tax. I haven't been this excited to flip through a magazine in a while. I haven't done that yet, actually. Not until after I finish this entry.

I still want to get the Tavi issue of Pop and the recent Gaga/ New York issue of V Magazine. If anyone sees it around, please tell me! I've searched several books stores and still no luck. I don't want to resort to buying it online, with those shipping costs. Shuddering just thinking about it. You know what I regret? Halloween. I wish I dressed up as Tavi for Halloween. Too late for that, I guess.

Today's outfit. I'm back to black again, dangit. I'll try not to tomorrow.
My bangs are long enough to go into my eyes when I comb them down now. Deciding if I want to grow them out and cut them into a different style or not. By the way? What color does my laptop look like? Not a trick question.

Oh right, before I forget. Congratulations to the Giants.

Oh right, another note. You may or may not have noticed that I changed my temporary blog title to a hopefully less temporary blog title. Hopefully the only time I'll need to change it. Hopefully. Still working on a banner and layout.

Love, Kai


Sweetdie said...

first of all you have such a cute room, teh teddy bears(LLLLL);P
I love the look(ii looove black!), and well being a cheap person is better than the opposite, in fact i think it's great most of the times.

Nice blog!(I'll follow you as soon as i solve some technical problems of my blog:))

Kaiami said...

Thank you! I love wearing black, and I'm trying to keep myself away from wearing black so often. It does help, being stingy with money sometimes. More clothes for a less price!

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