Monday, November 22, 2010

I wish I had the day off tomorrow.

vest and necklace from forever 21, Esprit track jacket from thrift, wisp top from Juicy Couture, GLB skirt, Aritzia leggings.
Today's outfit. Every time I wear this skirt, I manage to get it snagged onto something. Most often the rolling chairs in yearbook class. I'm really diggin' this top. It makes me wish I bought a white one too, even if it was kind of short.

The elementary and middle school kids around here have the whole week off, starting today. I still have tomorrow and Wednesday before going into break. Those lucky kids.

Finally got around to getting my nails done. I don't know how I do it, but I always manage to get hair or lint into my polish.

Oh, that's right, I almost forgot. I made a facebook page for my blog. Blog updates will go there too, for easy following.
Modern Princess

Love, Kai


coco kailee said...

I love the outfit! Especially with the top and the skirt! Great pairing :}

I'm so super jealous of your nails too though! I love how the light pink fades into the dark pink, and the glitter on top... How did you do that? It looks so fabulous!

xoxo coco

Francesca said...

Wow you have great style. Love your nails! I wish I could have pretty nails but I play sport so they would get ruined :( I'm following you and hope you follow back :D xx

Kaiami said...

Coco, I used two layers of light pink first, then a layer one thin layer of the dark pink that goes halfway, and then a halfway layer of light pink again and then touch up the ends with dark pink. Thank you for the sweet comment!

Francesca, thank you! Awh, I know what you mean. Half of my nail was cut off during the frisbee unit at school, and once in yoga (it's a wonder how I can manage to injure myself like that in yoga).

coco kailee said...

Ohhh! I'm totally gonna try that on Saturday! I have a "Gala" event that I'm going to and I definitely think I could spice things up a little with some amazing cotton candy nails like your's. And you are very welcome! Thank YOU for sharing your trick with me! :}

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

uhhh the skirt is gorgeous! Yay thank you for posting this, I am going to try to make it!

check me out!

- said...

this outfit looks so great ^-^ I'm so jealous =)
especially the combination of the shirt and the leggins looks so great!

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