Monday, November 15, 2010

I ate a burger today.

It's the black floral skirt I got from the thrift store last week (plus the black crochet tank I got from the thrift store)! I'm wearing it as a dress. I'm terribly clumsy and was stepping on it and tripping all day.
skirt-dress, top, and cardigan from thrift.

Today is November 15th, the release date for Josh Groban's new CD. I'd been planning since the day it was announced for release to buy it for my mother for Christmas. I had been doing pretty well with keeping her from finding out about the release until Sunday, when I said I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. My mistake. There'd been a Josh Groban poster at the front door to advertise its release. When she told me, I freaked out and she was going all "No! My present is flying away!" I bought it for her today, but no surprise factor. Aw. My favorite part.
This is the singles CD. I don't know where the album went, but I bought that too. It was insanely difficult to find it at Borders. First, I remembered when the last CD came out in 2007 or so, there'd been a life sized poster of Josh and a CD display full of his album. I thought it would be the same this time, but man was I wrong. I ran upstairs and downstairs and up again several times. Even looking for staff was hard, because there were so few. There was a Josh section, but only his old albums were displayed. I finally found the singles in a tiny new release section, and had to ask the register for the album. That took maybe 20 minutes, 15 more minutes than I expected.

And then I ate a burger for dinner. Which is rare, since I gave up on fast food in 6th grade. I've been kind of wanting an In and Out burger since Clubs Day, when some club was selling their burgers for $4. They only cost $1.85 in the stores (and the $4 burgers were selling)!

Plus I got a package in the mail from my uncle. SHINee were in Taiwan recently, and he bought me some souvenirs!
My uncle is sweet. The official SHINee Hello goods were limited, and people needed to get a ticket to line up to get the stuff, so I couldn't get that. But they were selling Lucifer goods at the door that weren't limited. He got me a towel, a lanyard, and a light stick.
Light stick is beast! It glows up with "SHINee" inside.

I went to sleep yesterday at 5pm. It's 8:30 now, meaning I can't go to sleep that early today haha. I'm thirsty.

Love, Kai


Grace Lee said...

JOSH GROBAN IS AMAZINGGGG. I didn't like Hidden Away that much, but I haven't heard any of the other songs on the album so I still have high hopes for those. :)

I know this is old news, but--your haircut is ridiculously adorable! <3

Giraffison said...

Woo! That was the outfit I saw you wearing on Monday, hahah! (: Oh, Josh Groban * A* I ought to give him a listen sometime, haha. Your uncle seems awfully sweet. (x I wish I had a relative that visited Korea!

Kaiami said...

Hi Gracie! I haven't heard any of the new songs yet, so I can't comment on it. Thank you!

Holy crud, Cloud. Feel free to approach me anytime. Was it during tutorial? I'm in art 3rd period, but I spend most of 2nd (or 1st on block), tutorial, and 3rd in art (nowhere else to go). 2nd is lonely because I don't know anyone and no one seems to be open to making new friends.

Giraffison said...

Oooh, I'll say hi the next time I see you then! ^ ^ I'll visit you during monday tutorial~ I saw you in the art 3 room during tutorial on Monday, fufu.

kelsea said...

really love the outfit, can't believe it's all from the thrift store!

Anonymous said...

Woah, that must be a reaaaally long dress-skirt. It looks really cute! It just goes to show you what cute things lie in a thrift store.

Kaiami said...

Thank you, Kelsea!
Thank you too, Fifi. It goes down to my ankles. If I wore like that that, I really would trip every few steps, haha. There are definitely a lot of nice things that can be found in thrift stores.

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