Saturday, November 13, 2010

our secret.

Here's an outfit that I'm wearing right now, minus the shoes. Everything from thrift. I bought the top, pants, and shoes on Thursday.

The print on my pants looks pretty cool.

Alright, now to today's topic. Consignment stores. I knew they exist, but I've never been to one. I passed by one this afternoon after going to a thrift shop. It was a small thrift shop, so I didn't get anything there aside from a Barack Obama issue of Vanity Fair. Magazines were $0.50. There was a Burberry jacket for $45.

Most of the items at the consignment store were still much above my budget price (I had $22 with me today), but I couldn't help but to compare them to what would have been retail prices. I can't explain how excited I was. I've never seen so many designer labels gathered in one place before. There was a cute little white quilted Chanel bag that I almost bought. It was only $36 and I've wanted a Chanel bag since forever. But to my untrained eye, I can't tell if it's a fake or not. I can only tell fakes for Juicy Couture, which doesn't help much since their fakes are pretty obvious, for the most part. And also because I was $14 short, I didn't get it.

I wish I had taken some pictures. Lately, I've been afraid of taking pictures in shops. Ever since last week when I got busted for taking a picture in Kinokuniya. There'd also been a pair of Elie Tahari Bergdorf Goodman leather pants that I would have liked ($200 out of my price range) and a Dolce&Gabbana slip dress (also in the 200's range). I miss that dress already.

Consignment stores overall: a place where I should stay away from. As much as I love designer clothing, some of the items give the I'm-a-knockoff aura and yet I can't confirm it, and I don't have the money to spend. Unless they have Alexander Mcqueen. But for now I'll stick to thrift stores and do my splurging at Forever 21.

ow headache.

Love, Kai


coco said...

I hate consignment shops. They are usually far too pricey for suspicious-looking "designer" pieces. It drives me insane! Especially the ones in downtown Sacramento...

Anyhoo! I hear ya on the thrift stores and F21! Plus, if its meant to be, you'll see D&G dress again. If its still there the next time you visit (and hopefully you have some money), then its destiny! (At least thats what I tell myself when I'm down the money and see something I really want XD lol)

Very cute outfit though! I love the different prints. And the pants are absolutely fabulous!

xoxo coco

Marlena said...

I love this outfit! I'm so impressed that you actually wear heels, I wish I could! I own a couple pairs of kitten heels but even those kill my feet T.T

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