Tuesday, November 23, 2010

am I crazy?!

coat from Taiwan, turtleneck top, Sechuna cat sweater, and tweed skirt thrifted.

Yes, today was cold. It was windy, rainy at times. And I received several "aren't you cold?" and even "are you crazy?!" questions throughout the course of the day. Yes, I was cold, but I'm cold everyday when I'm outside. I think they're referring to my lack of pants and wearing a skirt. Actually, I'm wearing a pair of nude tights. It's not that obvious, I suppose.

A package arrived in the mail today! It's an order from Puma. In sixth grade, Puma was my favorite brand (I was self dubbed Puma girl) and my dad remembered! He asked me to look through the sales section on Puma, because there was an additional 30% off on sales items on their site.
The shipment was broken into two packages. I ordered two t-shirts from the World Cup in Africa collection and a jacket. I haven't received the jacket yet. The shipping for this package impresses me, though. The order was made late at night on the 19th, and it's here already.

It's rainy today, so mushrooms have started popping out. I'm no mushroom expert, so I have no idea how to identify them. If anyone has a vast knowledge on mushrooms, I'd like to know what this is. This mushroom is medium sized, if that helps any.
My brother is terrified of mushrooms. When he was even younger, it was pinecones (which he is still afraid of-just not as much as before). My old room didn't have a lock, so if I wanted to keep him out, I'd leave a pinecone in front of my door and he'd steer away from it.

Love, Kai


Tiffany Liang said...

"My old room didn't have a lock, so if I wanted to keep him out, I'd leave a pinecone in front of my door and he'd steer away from it."

...This is the most hilarious thing I've seen/heard/read/etc. in DAYS.
I *allmosttt* LOL'd (for real), but I'm in too much of a slump to laugh. xD

The athletic brand I like most would probably be Nike...
or adidas. Though the puma logo is very cute. >>

DearKarYan said...

Your coat looks very warm :)
I myself am not a big fan of athletic brands, but I do like the Puma logo lots!

Giraffison said...

Have I ever said that I love your fashion sense? Ahaha! I loooooooove that coat <333 oh goodness. (x
Those puma shirts look pretty nice too ^ ^

Kaiami said...

Tiff: Aw slumps are no fun. Chin up!

Kar-Yan: From lookbook! Hi there! It does look warm, which I wish were the case. In California weather, it's probably fine, but in snowy areas it's not enough.

Cloud: affsh you ♥

mop said...

i should try drawing you one of these days

Kaiami said...

Oh Mop! I forgot non-blogspotters can comment too. I'd draw for you too ♥ ♥ ♥

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