Friday, November 12, 2010

and thank you, daylight savings.

When I started my blog, I could take pictures at 6:30 and it would still be bright enough for the photos to be decent. Recently, I've had trouble getting good lighting when I get home from school at 4pm.

Oh right, I got a haircut yesterday. And here's today's outfit. Short hair makes my face look round. Not in this picture, but in some others. Right, so besides the haircut, I went thrift shopping yesterday. I was surprised by how much stuff I bought. Right away, I picked out two pairs of shoes. Sorry, my face is pixeled out because I was making some ridiculous face.
One of them was this pair. They're a little bit big, but I think I can add something to the bottom to make them fit better. Steve Madden wedges for ten bucks!
Besides this pair, I also bought a pair of Steven by Steve Madden snakeskin peep toe heels. These were only $6.99!
They're really tall. The inside is cushioned so they're actually pretty comfortable. I haven't tried walking in them yet, so maybe it's still to early to say that. Either way, I won't be wearing them anytime soon. I did make that post about not wearing heels anymore. Which reminds me, I still want a pair of Docs. And Nikes. Oh and I liked those sequined and black glitter oxfords at Forever21. Shoes, can't get enough of them. Too bad there's not enough money to go around to get them all. I think I'll just save up for those Docs first.

My magazines arrived, by the way. I love that I don't have to worry about not having space for them anymore. I wasn't careful and asked for a copy that I already had, instead of a different one that I wanted to order, so I'm going back for that one separately.

I got a copy of Marie Claire today too. Emma is kind of sort of incredibly cute. I love her new hair! I liked it before too, but that just shows she can rock any hairstyle.

I went off on a tangent again. I'll probably post my thrift shop purchases tomorrow, due to the poor lighting.

Love, Kai


Tiffany Liang said...

HNNNGG I like the wedges~
And I'm seriously so jealous of Emma Watson, she's so perfect (SHE'S SMART TOO, WENT TO BROWN!)...Too bad she's now known as "the Harry Potter girl" I loved her Burberry endorsement photos. Plastered the pillars of TW's airport. :>

Kaiami said...

Once she scored a role like Hermione, it's hard to be seen as anyone else. It can't be as bad as Disney stars wanting to branch out, though. Emma is so perfect for Burberry. They were replaced by the time I made it in Taiwan.

Emiko said...

You look incredbly cute in your new haircute, it suits you really well~
Oh and that outfit you're wearing, LOVE IT! :D Your new shoes fit the outfit really well.
You're sure right when saying that Emma Watson can rock any haircuts, she looks incredible in short hair.

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