Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I like sales.

Today was 50% all clothing items at my local thrift shop. Lately, Goodwill has not been having very good sales (generally, 20% off the items that have been sitting around for a couple months unsold).

I bought this blouse for $2, originally $4 before the sale.

And these bottoms, which were also $2 after the discount. These are pants, but it looks like a skirt because the pantlegs are so wide.
About Black Friday shopping. I'm most likely not going, but we'll see. Last year was a bit chaotic. My parents woke up really late and by the time we arrived at the mall, finding a parking space was near impossible.

Remy and Apollo are being adorable. I bought them a little nest last weekend because they've been trying (unsuccessfully) to make a nest. I stuffed the nest with nesting grass, and they kept taking it out and tried building it elsewhere. I finally caught Apollo using it today, but he jumped out as soon as I whipped out my camera. So now they're just sitting there, looking cute.

Love, Kai


Publish my Style said...

oh great buys! can't wait to Christmas sales myself=)
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