Friday, December 10, 2010

because eight hours of sleep just isn't enough.

I'm sure I get much more sleep than most other people do. My resting time starts between 10-10:30, but somehow I wake up feeling groggy and sleep deprived. Still feeling that right now.

Zebra print top and Saba blazer from thrift shop, J Daheck skirt, Buster Brown boots

It's stress week. Stressing over ACTs tomorrow, which I really shouldn't have signed up for. Stressing over finals, which start next week. Stressing over Christmas presents that I need by Wednesday and Christmas cards, which I need by Monday. Stressing over colleges, for portfolios, for applying. For finally realizing my desire to enter the fashion field rather than the fine arts. It's not too late. But it certainly is rushed. I have two weeks to whip out fashion designs and a sewing project (did I mention how inept I am at sewing?).

Rush mode, on.
Go, Kaia, go!

I'm sleepy.

Love, Kai


Giraffison said...

LOL I totally feel you. 8 hours of sleep isn't enough for me either! I don't know how people get by with 3 hours of sleep each night T uT Eek, definitely stress week for me as well, though I don't have as much to do as you do. I wish you good luck * A* with your fashion sense, I'm sure you'd do lovely in the fashion field!

Sweetdie said...

There waas a long time since i didn't see your bg, but...wooow there are post really good!
the olimpic shoes are pretty nice!i love them

Kelsey said...

Hi! I just started reading your blog, and this is probably going to sound creepy're adorable and I love you! 8D;;; Moving on...

I'm unbelievably jealous of all the awesome stuff you find thrifting! I think I need to go more often...I plan to go during my winter break, I just have to make it through two more exams! Then my third semester of college will be over~~

You should totally go for fashion :D I think that's really amazing. I love clothing more than anything, but I could never make it! Guess that's why I'm a business major >3> But don't worry, applying for college is super stressful, but once you're accepted you forget all about it <3

Kaiami said...

Oho aw thank you, Kelsey. I think I just go thrifting too often. I live off of Goodwill. I just wish it were closer so it doesn't take an hour to walk to.

Good luck! One more exam and a class, and I'm done for my semester too.

I'm terrified that I wont meet the deadlines. Especially FIT, because it's due in two weeks and I haven't received an email back from them with my portfolio requirements yet.

Kelsey said...

At least you could walk! My town is set up so a car is required to go anywhere. A place near me is called Value Thrift, and they have a huge selection! Not to mention the most expensive thing I've ever gotten was $4 *3*

Good luck to you too~ I remember my senior year flying by so fast! Now college is the same way. Except most people I know are finished with their exams and home >>

What?! That just seems so rude of them! They should be working their butts off in the last few weeks before the deadline so they can help the students. But hopefully they'll get back to you soon; it might be a rush to the finish though!

Sorry for being such a dork and writing super long comments ;3;

coco said...

Words cannot express how much I love this outfit. Seriously.

xoxo coco

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