Wednesday, December 22, 2010

nylon or wool?

I went back to San Francisco for my swacket yesterday, carrying the $400 I saved up for the nylon swacket, plus an additional hundred for possible Christmas shopping. And I'm glad I did. I underestimated the prices. The Harputs website definitely isn't the right place to go for prices. When I walked in, the first swacket I saw was $510. The second was $600. The one with the nicest fabric was over $1000. $510 was the cheapest.

After a month of contemplating, I finally decided on black. The tough part was choosing material. I thought there would be two choices: nylon and wool. There was both, but there was nylon and maybe about four types of wool. Nylon is too windbreakery for me. The common wool one was too stiff for me. I couldn't roll up the sleeves on that one, and it makes me twitchy. After about an hour, I decided on a piana wool one, with a marked down price to fit my budget (actually it was still a bit over).

Here are a few ways to wear the swacket.

There really are a lot of ways to wear it, but I haven't discovered them all yet. I'll be experimenting over the course of the next few days! I have officially spent all my savings, so there wont be much shopping going on for a while.

Love, Kai


DearKarYan said...

Very interesting! I like how there are so many ways to wear it! It definitely is worth the price, especially because if you by separate coats like the different styles, it may cost even more.
I like the cape version the most :)

Kaiami said...

Yes! That's one of the reasons I was so compelled to it. It never gets boring. I hope for it to last a long.

Grace Lee said...

You finally got it! It looks amazing on you :)


We must meet sooooon. For coffee or tea or, idk, WATER... gosh I keep saying this to people but never manage to make concrete plans. We're second semester seniors woohoooo! Nevermind that we still have the same amount of homework to do, haha. Good luck with finishing up college apps & art stuff (or if you're already done, congrats!) :)

Kaiami said...

Gracie! Happy holidays to you too, you sweetie! Haha yes, let's go for water! I was going to send you a text a few days ago, and then I realized I have your number stuck on my old phone that misplaced, so I don't know it anymore. Anyway, feel free to hit me up on facebook messages to make plans!

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